When I said I liked Weezer, I meant the band.

Sidney’s new nickname is Wheezer (except here in Rhode Island you have to pronounce it “wheeze-ah”. The past couple of times she has gotten Jackson’s cold she has turned into a wheezing machine. I took her to the doctor on the 16th when she was just starting out with this mess. We saw a different pediatrician in the practice who chalked it up to the start of a cold and what to watch for. I’ve been watching and wouldn’t you know Wheezer made sure to give me a good show to watch.

For the first time in my 2 year career as a mother, I had to call the after hours service at our pediatrician’s office. Fortunately, our personal doctor (one of 5 in the practice) was on call and knew Sidney’s history of wheezing. She even let me email her a video since I never know if her breathing is too labored or just right. She said that if she got any worse to take her to the hospital, but otherwise she’d see me this morning.

Fast forward to this morning and we have our first snow storm of the year. Murphy’s Law, right? Luckily my CR-V is all wheel drive so Sidney and I bundled up and slid drove to the doctors. She was, in fact, wheezing and  she got her very first nebulizer treatment. The nebulizer is completely new to me since neither I nor Jackson have ever wheezed. She was a great sport and we had to brave the snow again to the Target pharmacy on the way home to get the very last box of the infant dose of Xopenex.  While they filled the script I managed to fill my shopping cart with more crap from Target (side note: why can’t I ever make it out of there spending less than $100?!). Her prescription was filled and we headed home.

She’s now enjoying our first “real” New England snow storm in her swing while the rest of us watch BC Man’s team get beat play a basketball game. My fingers are crossed that the nebulizer will help her breathe easier and kick this virus to the curb. If you’re getting snow today, I hope you’re able to curl up next to the fireplace and relax. We have some crafts on the agenda for Jackson, including making some homemade Valentine’s Day Cards. xo

PS. At 14 weeks and 1 day old she weighs 12 pounds and 12 ounces.


  1. Awww.. i hope it helps. the nebulizer has been a life-saver for both averi and lily. averi had her first-ever treatment at 16 months old and is currently using it once a day with a steroid for a month (after the 1st week of both steroid and albuterol combined). her lungs have improved immensely in just the two weeks she’s been on. i hate to admit that i think she might have a titch of asthma, but perhaps it’ll grow out soon. but, for the first time during the winter in 4 years, no coughing. it’s awesome. and lily caught this wheezing virus and she was simply on albuterol for 3 nights with the neb and her cough completely went away and she got better the day after. good stuff! hope it works the same for syndey!

    • That’s great to hear it worked so well for you Jen! I’m hoping it works well for Miss Sidney. Seeing her wheeze is heartbreaking :(

  2. Ugh… welcome to the nebulizer club! As you know, Charlotte is an old pro at it. There is nothing worse than watching your child struggle to breathe. Thank god your doctor was smart enough to prescribe it before Sidney ended up in the PICU for a week. If Sidney continues to need the nebulizer for each cold she gets your doctor might follow up with a Rx for flovent. Jackson will be able to show Sidney how to do “puff puffs” and all will be good. ;) Keep your chin up and tissues handy mama!

    • Thanks BA! I thought of Charlotte when we had to go through this, poor baby! I love our pediatrician and I’m very happy we didn’t have to go to Hasbro. Thanks friend :)

  3. There’s nothing more scary than a sick baby. Especially when wheezing is involved. I think it’s going to be a long winter (and now there’s whooping cough going around RI? ughhh.). I hope your kiddies stay healthy for a while!

  4. Wheezing or not, she is a-freaking-dorable! ;) I’m saying prayers so she’ll get better soon.
    And I am super green with envy that ya’ll have snow. It’s a humid 70 degrees here – bleh.

    • Thank you Taryn, if it makes you feel any better all of our snow melted today :( It’s 50 degrees! Such a strange winter this year.

  5. awwwwwe poor peanut!!!!! Neb can be scary to a little baby that doesn’t know what it is!!!!! It’s loud, it covers your face, there’s stuff coming out of it…. but i hope it worked!!!! <3