Triple Action Purex Review

One of my favorite features of our new home is the laundry room. In our townhouse, our “laundry room” was a stackable unit, tucked in a closet behind the door to Jackson’s bedroom. It was not easy to get to and almost impossible to get out with a basket of laundry. The layout made me hate laundry for the five years we lived there- just ask my husband, he did 90% of the laundry!

Our new laundry is located on the second floor, conveniently in the middle of all the bedrooms. I finally have a dedicated room to wash, dry and fold clothes and I never imagined I would be so excited about laundry. Since I’m part of the Purex Insider program, I had the opportunity to try out a new laundry detergent they are coming out with: new Purex Triple Action, and I picked the Free & Clear variety to review.

Although I love scented detergents, BC Man has sensitive skin and I wanted a detergent I could use for the whole family, including the baby. I used the Purex Triple Action in our new washing machine (a High Efficiency, top-loader Whirlpool Cabrio) on all different types of loads: baby clothes, white towels, BC Man’s work clothes and sheets. I am so impressed with the results. The baby clothes were free of any evidence of newborn diaper explosions and the white towels didn’t have any traces of my mascara like they used to after I wash my face. All the clothes were super fluffy and smelled fresh, despite there being no perfumes or dyes.

I’m a big fan of Purex Triple Action laundry detergent now and plan on buying it now for the whole family! I love how well it cleans and also the fact it costs half the price of the other “leading brand.” In early 2012, Purex is re-launching its sampling program at and you will get the opportunity to get your own free sample. In the mean time, if you’re an iPhone junkie like me, but laundry-challenged, check out their free laundry app to help decode the mystery of laundry labels and get other great tips.