Top 5 Saturday Laughs

My friend Melissa from the The Mommyhood Chronicles hosts this Blog Hop and I love participating. The entire reason I started the blog over 2 years ago was to document these type of memories.

This week was a good one. We spent the week at lots of play dates and getting ready to host 17 family members on Easter Sunday. Here’s my Top 5 Laughs of the week:

1. I am *slowly* starting Sidney on solids. I’m the worst about this and am not consistently giving her solids, but there’s something about it that I’m hesitant about. Maybe I just don’t want her to grow up? Anyhow, she tried a banana for the first time this week and her reaction was priceless! I love seeing baby’s reactions to first foods- how can it not bring a smile to your face?


2. I wrote last week how Jackson is LOVING Dumbo. On Monday we stopped by Toys R’ Us to pick up some Easter goodies for Jackson’s best friends when we spotted a Dumbo ride on the walk out. My little cautious Jackson got nervous when the music came on and said “mama hold you,” which means “MOM HOLD ME” in Jackson-speak. Then he recognized the Dumbo song and when it started moving he really enjoyed it. In true Mom Blogger fashion, I got it on video:

3. ┬áMy next laugh is I’m sure the first of many “could have been horrible, but is funny now” moments. My little girl will be one tough cookie with a big brother (no wonder my Mom is so tough with 3 older brothers). This morning I was brushing my teeth when I heard several loud crashes in succession. I was only 10 feet away from the source of the crash and when I got to the “scene of the crime,” I discovered baby Sidney sitting in a pile of rubble. The look on her face was: “what the hell just happened?” Somehow Jackson knocked over everything on my makeup table and her swing. He was saying “OH NO! Sidney FELL!” He felt pretty bad and apologized immediately.


4. Another cute moment happened tonight when we were bathing the kids. Jackson had already been bathed and shampooed and was just playing when I shampooed Sidney’s hair. I asked my husband to get some clean water to rinse her hair when before I knew it Jackson dumped a bowl full of water on her head. Again, she just looked at us like “really?! what the heck?!” She’s a good sport!


5. I made another Pinterest craft today. Something much easier than my mudroom flop. Cute little Easter bird’s nests! I had to laugh when BC Man was SO impressed that I could make these little guys. They were super easy, but in his eyes I was Martha Stewart. I’ll take it. (If you make them, I’d use less butterscotch than the recipe calls for ;).

I’d love to read your top 5, link up over at Melissa’s blog :) Happy Easter & Happy Passover to you!


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    Oh my goodness- look at her and the banana! Too funny! I love the Dumbo video- too cute! Love that J dumped water on her head and she was so good about it. What a great pin- so creative. Love your laughs:) They make me smile!