Top 5 Laughs

This week has been a funny one. Here are my top 5 laughs for the week:

1. This is an easy one. Visiting Santa Claus at the Providence Place mall. Jackson was totally a fan of the jolly man in a red suit and couldn’t wait to tell him about wanting a truck and dinosaur. Sidney felt exactly opposite and would have thrown herself onto the floor if he didn’t have a good hold on her.

2. Just 2 days later we visited a portrait studio at one of my favorite places to shop. Since I’ve been spoiled by the fabulous talents of Amy Ro Photography I haven’t visited a portrait studio as much as I used to when Jackson was little. I needed to go since the only thing my mother in law wants for Christmas this year are matching pictures of my kids that coordinate with her other grandkids. I made our appointment online and drug them to get their picture taken. In true Baby Gators Den fashion, Jackson had a bruise on his forehead and scratch below his eye while Sidney sported a matching scratch on her cheek. It also helped that no one has been sleeping in this house because of colds, so both had dark circles under their eyes. Fantastic. I don’t think the “shoot” could have gone worse unless the roof caved in and I was definitely the only parent who almost peed their pants laughing at how un-model-like my children acted. Behold, my model children- Baby Gap modeling agencies, here we come:

3. My sweet Sidney girl, who flat out refuses to wear one of the million bows or headbands I have bought for her the past 13.5 months wants to wear this leopard print Santa headband ALL. DAY. LONG. Party on, sister. (Got the hat at Michael’s or Joann’s. One of those stores my non-crafty self has no business being in)

 4. Jackson has been talking about his birthday party all week. He had such a blast at Monkey Joe’s and has been carrying around the stuffed monkey that Monkey Joe “himself” gave him.


5. Sidney is addicted to chocolate milk since she tasted Jackson’s. More than once she has actually thrown her *plain* milk sippy cup at me if she noticed the Hershey’s syrup bottle out for Jackson. She will beg for more until she has the chocolate stuff then will proceed to chug the entire cup in 3 gulps. Have I ever mentioned I can out-chug/shotgun anyone? Must run in the family.


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    That picture is beyond priceless. You will have that memory for MANY YEARs to come! Haha- that always happens to me too. I try my best to get at least one picture that is decent but alas, someone ends up injured or someone vomits. The law of the land! She is def the cutest though! She doesnt need any staging. Aw- I am so glad he had a blast at his party! He deserves it!