The great pumpkin massacre…

One of my favorite things about living in New England after growing up in Florida is the four seasons. I remember my first Fall in Rhode Island: the crisp weather, leaves actually changing colors and getting able to wear cute coats- I was in love!

This is Jackson’s first Fall, so I have been looking forward to all of the great photo opportunities at one of the area’s many pumpkin patches. Unfortunately, we were in Florida for the first part of the month so we didn’t make it to the patch until last weekend.

Our friends and their son (Jackson’s best friend) met us and we took a fun hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.

The farm was also set up for a corn maze and fun night time activities:

Imagine our disappointment when we roll up to this famed pumpkin patch to find this:

That’s right, apparently there was a pumpkin massacre with many pumpkin casualties. Barely any survivors for photo opps. ¬†All kidding aside, lesson learned: October 16th is too late to go to a pumpkin patch around here. We all had a good laugh and made the best of it and the boys even loved playing with the dead vines:

We had a great time despite the lack of living pumpkins and got a family shot as well (notice Jackson’s wave):

One year ago, I had my maternity photos taken in a field with better New England Fall foilage…