Thankful Thursday

I can’t express how much I need Thankful Thursdays in my life. It always seems like I’m feeling sorry for myself or cranky on a Wednesday and this forces me to realize how MUCH I have to be thankful for.

The following are what I am grateful for this week:

  • Friends like my neighbor Kelly who welcomes my husband & me with open arms, no matter how late we invite ourselves over to have a glass of wine with her and her husband.
  • More friends (and family) who came to Jackson’s birthday party last weekend and made it very special for him. My mother-in-law even commented on what a wonderful circle of friends we have, I have to agree!
  • Amazon Prime On Demand: Although I have been a Prime member for years, I just recently started using the app for my iPad and am now hooked on the TV show Downtown Abbey. I love being able to watch tons of shows and movies for FREE, just for being a Prime member.
  • Headphones that allow me to watch those shows in bed on my iPad without waking up my husband.
  • Holiday card season: there’s nothing I like more than receiving all the holiday cards from those we love. Seeing their smiling faces and reading about their lives always makes me happy.

What are you thankful for? I love reading your comments or blog posts when you link up :)

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    I’m 1st to add my link! WooHoo!! I agree, being Thankful can help by showing you just how much you have to be Thankful for & can brighten any day!! Hope you have a great Thankful Thursday after a cranky Wednesday!! xoxo

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    That’s awesome that you’re so close with your neighbor! And I love receiving holiday cards in the mail, I got two yesterday and couldn’t wait to hang them up! :)

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    I love your button!!! I had no idea they had Amazon Prime on Demand. How awesome is that! Aren’t holiday cards the best!! I love seeing everyone so happy in them!

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    I love these weekly thankful posts. they are great to read and also make me reailze all there is to be blessed for. your holiday card was BEAUTIFUL. it’s hanging in my house and lily keeps saying, “OH. MY. GOSH., we have baby Sidney on the wall!” XOXO

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    Amazon prime is essential during the holidays! I am thankful for that too! And the new streaming and kindle book is great (I sound like an ad. I swear I’m just a satisfied customer!)

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    Good friends are like gold… particularly the ones who welcome you into their homes at any time! :) I love holiday card season, too. I’ve started addressing ours, so they’ll be going out soon. I love going to our mailbox every day to see whose cards are coming in!

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    Good friends, Christmas cards, birthdays….so much to be thankful for. Great list Joanna! Sorry you had a rough day yesterday, but like you said…Thankful Thursday is a great way to put it all in perspective. Thanks for hosting the link-up each week. xoxo