California Wine Club: perfect gift for the holidays


Last month, I shared a review of California Wine Club with you and how much I loved receiving handpicked bottles of wine in the mail. I recently got my second shipment of California Wine Club ( and was just as impressed as the first time!

I received 2 bottles: a red and white from Daniel Gehrs and enjoyed both bottles. Both bottles were enjoyable and something I would have bought on my own. I love  how California Wine Club makes it easy to try new and exciting wines without leaving your home. It would make a perfect gift for my Stepdad who loves wine and I think I will get him a subscription for Christmas. I don’t have to worry about shipping it to him in Florida and gifts start at only $49.95 (including shipping & handling). {Shipping Alert!  Ground Shipping Deadline is December 12th.  Any orders placed after Dec 12 incur expedited air charges for Christmas deliveries.}

California Wine Club has graciously offered a giveaway for you and the prizes include:

  1. One of four, Three Month Wine Club memberships (A $150 value you can give as a gift, or keep for yourself)
  2. One of 50 handy Two Bottle Wine Totes ($25 value)
  3. One of 50 Red Tulip Music wine country CD’s ($15 value) 

You can enter the giveaway here, best of luck!! xo



This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.
I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.

California Wine Club {review}


I like wine. Ok, I love wine. I think a nice glass of red wine is the perfect way to unwind after the kids go to bed and I’m hanging out with my husband.  The hard part about loving wine is getting to a liquor store. Here in Rhode Island, alcohol is only sold in “package stores.” After living in Florida I was spoiled by being able to pick up a bottle of wine at the grocery store. Getting to a liquor store with 2 small children in tow is pretty much impossible.

That’s why California Wine Club ( is a fabulous gift idea, especially for parents of young children. Two bottles of handcrafted award-winning wine show up at your doorstep every month, taking the guess work out of picking the right bottle yourself (or someone else). California Wine Club chooses wine from real-working-wineries which means your not going to receive a bulk or private label wine. I love being able to try new wines without having to aimlessly wander around the aisles of a liquor store with two toddlers.

I recently received my first shipment of California Wine Club, just in time for my faux Book Club. Since we drink more wine than read books, we decided to decorate wine glasses for each other. We picked names out of a hat and painted glasses for the friend we chose. It was a blast seeing everyone’s artistic ability (or in my case, lack thereof). Before the girls came over, I set up the glasses and paint pens with my little assistants. Book club start after everyone goes to bed, but my kids love “helping out. ”

For my first shipment of California Wine Club I received two bottles, a red and a white. Both were a hit during faux Book Club: the red was a tempranillo and the white was a savignon blanc. Both were from the Robledo Family Winery. Faux Book Club gave both bottles 2 thumbs up!

I plan on giving California Wine Club gift subscriptions to friends of mine who enjoy wine, especially those that are hard to buy gifts for. California Wine Club is hosting a giveaway starting next month, check back next month for details!

PS. If you read this post earlier and saw the giveaway, that was an error on my part- giveaway starts next month, thanks!


This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.