Horseback Riding in Utah

Every year, my Florida family and my little Rhode Island family get together out west to vacation together. For the past several years, we’ve gone out to Keystone, CO but this year, we changed things up and headed out to Park City, UT. On days when we aren’t skiing, we usually do something like snowmobiling as a family to have fun. We decided to go horseback riding this year because my parents had a great experience at a lovely little barn over 10 years ago, Wind in Your Hair Riding.

If you are ever looking for a fabulous riding experience in the Park City area, please call Sueanne Clark, the owner of Wind in Your Hair.  The only caveat is that you must be an experienced rider (they define experienced as “an experienced rider is defined as one who is comfortable at both the canter and the gallop. For Western riders, this would mean not having to hold onto the horn.

There were 4 of us who rode: myself, my Mom, Stepdad and 82-year-old Grandpa (the oldest rider they’ve ever had!). Our wonderful guide, Kat, and assistant Dave took us on a 2 hour tour of the most gorgeous mountains during a light snow. It was perfect! The horses are Paso Finos, a special gaited breed imported to the Caribbean from Spain back in the time of Christopher Columbus. I’ve ridden my entire life but have never ridden a gaited horse- what a fun experience! I loved experiencing the gorgeous scenery atop my fabulous horse, Ariel. Ariel is a sweet bay mare with a kind soul that reminded me of my late horse, Dewey (pictured below).

We made some wonderful family memories and I will definitely visit Wind in Your Hair Riding next time we are in the Park City area. If you’re an experienced rider and live in or plan on visiting Park City, check them out for horseback riding year round!

PS. They had no idea I was a blogger, I just had a fantastic experience and wanted to share with all of you!

Parents & Worry


Last night, my husband went to the movies with some friends to see Ted. A theater full of people did the same thing in Aurora, Colorado to see the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” My husband came home about 10pm, kissed our sleeping children and went to bed. So many in Colorado were robbed of that privilege when a heavily armed gunman threw tear gas in the theater and then opened fire. As of now, 12 people died and 38 were wounded, including a 3 month old baby.

I learned of the massacre when my baby woke up at 4:30 am to eat. In a sleepy daze, I nursed my sweet girl and checked Twitter on my iPhone. Usually I just see tweets from those in other time zones and moms with little babies, but I wanted to throw up when I saw the breaking news of the shooting. My first thought was WHAT THE HELL, AMERICA?! People can’t even enjoy a movie without fear of some crazy guy shooting the place up and stealing their lives?

Then when I woke up for the day I saw this tweet from my friend Chrystal:

 As a parent, a whole new world of worry engulfs your world. I’ve learned in my short 2.5 years of parenting that the worry never goes away, it just evolves. The first week of my son’s life I cried to my mother about my fears and she said something to me that I will never forget: “no one ever tells you how much you worry as a parent and that it NEVER goes away.”

My heart aches for the victims and their families today. The parents who lost their children, the children who lost their parents, and the parents who got the horrific news that their son is a mass murderer. I can’t begin to imagine the pain. I don’t know what to do except hold my children extra tight today and say a prayer for all those affected by this horrendous act of violence. This world scares me sometimes.