Top 5 Laughs

My friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood ¬†Chronicles has a great weekly feature with her Top 5 Laughs post. I love looking back at my week and remembering everything that made me smile. Here are my top 5 (that I can remember this morning, because let’s get real- my memory is not the best anymore):

  • It’s my husband’s birthday today and for the first time, Jackson picked out his very own presents for Daddy. I gave him $10 and he went on a shopping spree at Dollar Tree. It was so adorable because everything he spotted he exclaimed “My daddy LOVES these! He LOVES DICE, MOUSES, RUBBER BANDS!” Everyone in the store knew all about his daddy by the end of our shopping trip.
  • Jackson is finally enjoying swim class. It’s not so much a “laugh,” more so a sigh of relief. Thanks to a great swim instructor, he is allowing himself to ever-so-slightly enjoy himself in the pool.
  • Sidney LOVES to dance. She hears a beat and drops it like it’s hot. We were at the pediatrician Thursday for a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away and while waiting in the waiting room a song came on that all the kids liked. Most kids shook their arms or booty a little, but Sidney straight up hit the ground and stuck her booty in the air. It’s her signature dance move, apparently.
  • Our craft collection is growing exponentially with the activities Jackson does. I think we have enough groundhogs around here to predict the beginning of Spring for years.
  • Whatever Disney princess movie happens to be on the TV reminds Jackson of his little sister. Right now, it’s Tangled and every 5 minutes I hear “that’s like Sidney, Mom! She’s a princess!”

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Check out Melissa’s blog for other Top 5 Laugh posts to visit :)

Three year old dancer, through the years

If you’re looking for something to make you smile, check out this dude’s dance moves. He wants to have a dance party every. single. day. His favorite song is this one from Madagascar, enjoy:


Or this time when he was only 10 months old, shaking his booty:

Or when he break danced to Like a G6 at around the same age:

And performing while playing Rock Band at a little over 2 years old: