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My friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood ¬†Chronicles has a great weekly feature with her Top 5 Laughs post. I love looking back at my week and remembering everything that made me smile. Here are my top 5 (that I can remember this morning, because let’s get real- my memory is not the best anymore):

  • It’s my husband’s birthday today and for the first time, Jackson picked out his very own presents for Daddy. I gave him $10 and he went on a shopping spree at Dollar Tree. It was so adorable because everything he spotted he exclaimed “My daddy LOVES these! He LOVES DICE, MOUSES, RUBBER BANDS!” Everyone in the store knew all about his daddy by the end of our shopping trip.
  • Jackson is finally enjoying swim class. It’s not so much a “laugh,” more so a sigh of relief. Thanks to a great swim instructor, he is allowing himself to ever-so-slightly enjoy himself in the pool.
  • Sidney LOVES to dance. She hears a beat and drops it like it’s hot. We were at the pediatrician Thursday for a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away and while waiting in the waiting room a song came on that all the kids liked. Most kids shook their arms or booty a little, but Sidney straight up hit the ground and stuck her booty in the air. It’s her signature dance move, apparently.
  • Our craft collection is growing exponentially with the activities Jackson does. I think we have enough groundhogs around here to predict the beginning of Spring for years.
  • Whatever Disney princess movie happens to be on the TV reminds Jackson of his little sister. Right now, it’s Tangled and every 5 minutes I hear “that’s like Sidney, Mom! She’s a princess!”

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Check out Melissa’s blog for other Top 5 Laugh posts to visit icon smile Top 5 Laughs

Three year old dancer, through the years

If you’re looking for something to make you smile, check out this dude’s dance moves. He wants to have a dance party every. single. day. His favorite song is this one from Madagascar, enjoy:


Or this time when he was only 10 months old, shaking his booty:

Or when he break danced to Like a G6 at around the same age:

And performing while playing Rock Band at a little over 2 years old:

Sidney says, "QUIT with the damn pictures!"

Top 5 Laughs

This week has been a funny one. Here are my top 5 laughs for the week:

 Top 5 Laughs

1. This is an easy one. Visiting Santa Claus at the Providence Place mall. Jackson was totally a fan of the jolly man in a red suit and couldn’t wait to tell him about wanting a truck and dinosaur. Sidney felt exactly opposite and would have thrown herself onto the floor if he didn’t have a good hold on her.

 Top 5 Laughs

2. Just 2 days later we visited a portrait studio at one of my favorite places to shop. Since I’ve been spoiled by the fabulous talents of Amy Ro Photography I haven’t visited a portrait studio as much as I used to when Jackson was little. I needed to go since the only thing my mother in law wants for Christmas this year are matching pictures of my kids that coordinate with her other grandkids. I made our appointment online and drug them to get their picture taken. In true Baby Gators Den fashion, Jackson had a bruise on his forehead and scratch below his eye while Sidney sported a matching scratch on her cheek. It also helped that no one has been sleeping in this house because of colds, so both had dark circles under their eyes. Fantastic. I don’t think the “shoot” could have gone worse unless the roof caved in and I was definitely the only parent who almost peed their pants laughing at how un-model-like my children acted. Behold, my model children- Baby Gap modeling agencies, here we come:

 Top 5 Laughs

3. My sweet Sidney girl, who flat out refuses to wear one of the million bows or headbands I have bought for her the past 13.5 months wants to wear this leopard print Santa headband ALL. DAY. LONG. Party on, sister. (Got the hat at Michael’s or Joann’s. One of those stores my non-crafty self has no business being in)

¬†4. Jackson has been talking about his birthday party all week. He had such a blast at Monkey Joe’s and has been carrying around the stuffed monkey that Monkey Joe “himself” gave him.


5. Sidney is addicted to chocolate milk since she tasted Jackson’s. More than once she has actually thrown her *plain* milk sippy cup at me if she noticed the Hershey’s syrup bottle out for Jackson. She will beg for more until she has the chocolate stuff then will proceed to chug the entire cup in 3 gulps. Have I ever mentioned I can out-chug/shotgun anyone? Must run in the family.


Top 5 Laughs

top5laughs 660x660 Top 5 Laughs

It was a great week here in Little Rhody, how was yours? Here are my top 5 laughs of the week:

  1. Sidney’s birthday party was a blast. Thirty kids attended and I think all ages had fun. Sidney’s favorite part was eating her very own cupcake. She even dove right in, face first, after realizing how tasty it was!
  2. Sidney was blessed with wonderful presents from our friends & family. She was thrilled to have her very own toys since the majority of “her” toys are Jackson hand-me-downs. One of her favorites are baby dolls and she loves to feed them their own bottles and binkies. She’s a good little mama.
  3. Jackson took his PJ shirt off the other day and came running over to me saying “LOOK MAMA, I HAVE MIPPLES!” He was so proud and wanted to feed Sidney with them, lol.
  4. My faux book club got together last night and went to a “pole fitness” class at Providence Pole Fitness. We had a ton of fun, but every muscle in my body aches and I have a ton of respect for people who make a living dancing on poles. That is HARD work, folks!
  5. Jackson had his first Pee Wee tennis class today and loved it. He was so proud to play tennis and even stopped mid-lesson to come to the window and “kiss” Sidney from the other side of the glass. He’s a sweet big brother!!

What were some of your favorite laughs of the week? Leave a comment or link up at Melissa’s blog! Have a fab weekend, friends!


Top 5 Laughs

 Top 5 Laughs

Laughs have been few and far between lately. Our hearts still ache over the loss of our dear friend, but we are trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. Looking back on my week always brings a smile to my face, so here are my top 5 laughs for the past week: (PS. I know they’re totally Sidney-heavy, but let’s face it- 11 months is probably the best age ever, especially for laughs!)

  • Sidney has started tackling our poor pup Rex. She loves climbing all over him and he is so sweet about it, but you can practically see him rolling his eyes when she crawls over to him.
  • Jackson tossed in Sidney’s pillow to her crib before a nap the other day and she squealed with delight and rolled around her crib with it, having no idea that she was supposed to lay her head on it!
  • We have a walker! Behind things to push that is. Sidney loves to push Jackson’s old wooden toy and she loves to smile and laugh while walking all stiff and Frankenstein-like.
  • Jackson is way into drawing and has been working on his portraits. This one is of his neighbor/buddy Cole. The next drawing was of poops in a potty. Multi-colored poops.
  • My 32nd birthday is Sunday so my husband took me to my favorite restaurant tonight, Gracie’s in Providence. We had lots of laughs talking about how much has changed in the past year and it felt good to be on a date with my husband, and to just smile.

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