The Differences Between my First and Second Child

Our first child was coddled. He attended"baby gym" at 3 months old and wore cloth diapers (none of which ever saw my daughter's bum, because LAUNDRY). I spent every day working on baby sign language with him and making his organic baby food from scratch. I spent hours every week setting up a photo shoot and documented every little milestone: first smile, first laugh, I have video evidence of them Continue Reading

Austin Lloyd Box Review: engaging surprises for young minds

As a mother of two young children, the majority of my day is spent feeding, cleaning and entertaining my 2 and 4 year olds (not to mention driving them to and from preschool, gymnastics and the library). Between taking care of my kids and household, I don't have much time to research the latest and greatest in educational toys. I will readily admit that my second child's toys get FAR less research Continue Reading

Potty Training, Round 2 with Bumbo

It's been two years since I've potty trained a child, but only one year since I was completely finished with the process. It took Jackson a solid year of attempts until at 3-years-old, then one day he decided he was ready and just like that, he was potty trained. Since Sidney has a big brother whom she worships, she has talked about going on the potty for months now so I decided let her sit on Continue Reading

Stokke Scoot Review & Giveaway

Stokke Scoot

One of my first memories of "baby gear love" was before I was even pregnant with my first child. A friend of ours had her one-year-old son in the coolest stroller ever. I knew nothing about strollers, but could tell this one was awesome because the little boy sat up high and wasn't staring at adults' knees like other conventional strollers. He loved sitting in his stroller for hours during the Continue Reading

Ain’t too proud to bribe…


Pardon my English for this title but this subject is totally reminiscent of The Temptations song "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Except in this case I'm not begging for a second chance at love, but for a much less romantic second chance: for a 3-year-old who poops in the toilet again. You see, before we left for Disney, Jackson was doing awesome in potty training. The day before we left Florida, he came Continue Reading

That time a @SouthwestAir gate agent ran on the plane to yell at me.

If you've ever traveled with small children before you know it is not a walk in the park. We've been lucky in our 3 and a half years of traveling with kids because we always fly Southwest and their employees are always very friendly and accommodating. We even have their Southwest Visas for our personal and business accounts. When I was a senior at UF, majoring in Public Relations, my senior thesis Continue Reading

Flying Solo with 2 Toddlers

Ok, since Jackson is a threenager he might be better labeled a "preschooler" but traveling with 2 toddlers sounds more exciting. On Tuesday, I flew solo from Rhode Island to Tampa, Florida with an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old, with only the help of strangers. I survived, even though it was an eventful trip.  I'll give a quick run-down of the morning: Wake up the entire house at 4:45 am  Get Continue Reading

Sore bums, narrow airways and it’s only Tuesday!

I am exhausted. The past 48 hours have been rough. I noticed Sidney walking funny at the zoo on Sunday afternoon but didn't think anything of it until i changed her diaper and noticed a sore on her "freckle muffin" (thanks to Blue Man group for that terminology) that bled a little. Fast forward to Monday morning and the poor babe was totally swollen back there and in visible pain. Our Continue Reading

Almost 1 Year Emergency Room Free

We almost made it to one year emergency room-visit-free for Sidney. The last time we visited our local children's hospital, Hasbro's Children's Hospital, was March 12, 2012. Since Jackson was getting too much attention with his mini-man cold around here, Sidney needed to up the ante and get in on the croup action. Here's a brief timeline of last weekend's medical drama: Thursday afternoon- take Continue Reading