Future Yankee {video}

tiny tots baseball

Since Jackson is obsessed with spending time outside (or "side" as he calls it), I found this "Tiny Tots" baseball set at Target and knew it would be perfect for summer days outside. New England is getting slammed with thunder storms today, so we decided to set it up for the first time indoors and see how the little guy liked it. He LOVES it! Anything with balls and he is a fan: … [Read more...]

UF vs. BC, a tense weekend in the Gator’s Den this weekend

Photo courtesy of GatorCountry.com

For the first time in our five and a half year relationship, our beloved alma-maters are playing each other this weekend.  A three game baseball series in Gainesville started off yesterday with a near-perfect game by the Gators, beating the Eagles 4-0.  Of course, that means the excuses by Greg have also started: "Floridians can play baseball year-round" or "UF gives more $ to baseball … [Read more...]