Saving Time in 2013

Organized & labeled our pantry to save time while cooking.
Organized & labeled our pantry to save time while cooking.

Organized & labeled our pantry to save time while cooking.

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is to be more organized. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed all of the organization pins I have been pinning away. My favorite pin thus far is the one from the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons: “Home Organization 101″ program- 14 weeks to a more organized home. I read it this morning and her kitchen week gave me the motivation to get my rear in gear and get stuff done.

I’m trying to cook healthier for the entire family and plan out my  meals using my new meal planning board, but I realized I waste tons of time looking for the right ingredients/dishes/you name it. I would rather spend my time playing with the kids than rummaging through my cabinets and drawers. My husband had the day off today, so he entertained the kids while I tore apart my panty and cabinets to finally get organized.

I ended up moving locations of entire cabinet contents to save time in the kitchen: the coffee station moved next to the fridge and the mugs took over the cabinets on top. I moved all of my tupperware dishes next to the sink and dishwasher, which saves time while cleaning up after dinner. Tonight’s dinner was the first time cooking in my “new, organized” kitchen and it is much more efficient than the old layout. I’m thrilled that a little re-organizing in the kitchen is going to save me so much time. I don’t know why it took 15 months of living in this house to realize having the toaster near the bread makes more sense than across the kitchen!

I plan on saving time in 2013 by being more organized and visiting web sites like to learn more time-saving tips. If you have a minute to take the survey on the site, you have a chance to win 1 of 3 $150 weekly prizes or a $500 grand prize. You can also like ServiceMaster on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more tips throughout your day.

I’d love to hear your time-saving tips, please leave a comment letting me know your top tip- Thanks!

Pampering for the Holidays



Christmas is only single-digits away and I am still not done shopping. There are people (like my mother and sister-in-law) I need to buy gifts for who seem to have everything. When I saw the DDF Revolve Micro-polishing kit I knew it would be a great gift for someone who likes to take care of themselves (and their skin).

What I like about the DDF Revolve is that it’s a kit that comes with a micro polisher, 2 foam microdermabrasion exfoliators, a deep cleansing brush and DDF polishing crystals. According to its web site, the DDF features:

  • 8X better exfoliation than a scrub alone
  • Better absorption of skincare products
  • See improvement in pore appearance, skin tone and evenness, fine lines, skin clarity and brightness, and radiance after just one microdermabrasion treatment
  • After a week you can expect to see a significant improvement in texture and smoothy of bumpy surface
  • Offers 2 speed options
  • Suitable for use in the shower
  • Travel friendly

Who couldn’t use a beauty tool like this? I’ve seen similar products that only feature a scrubbing brush, but with the Revolve you get both the scrubbing AND the microdermabrasion.

I don’t know about you,  but I want to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on my face as much as possible. Especially after today when TWO people thought my little sister was my daughter. Granted, she is 19 years my junior and I AM a mom so it is completely possible that she could be my daughter  but STILL, I was a little mortified. Just a little. I’m going to order one for myself as a little Christmas present. To me, from me :)

If you have someone on your list that you know likes a little pampering, there are *two* specials the makers of DDF are offering, making the Revolve a must-have:

- Get the Revolve 400x at only $45 (retail price $98) with free shipping  Promo Code: DDFMICRODERMA

- Purchase a 2nd product  for half price plus free shipping. Promo Code: DDFSKIN


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Do you have any ideas for those hard-to-buy for people on your list?
I would love to hear them, thank you!