Happy Thanksgiving | Thankful Thursday

Black Friday

My potatoes are boiling for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal at our place, so I wanted to pop in quickly and say hello. I won't be around tomorrow for Thankful Thursday since I'm hosting turkey day at our house. My husband pre-ordered a local turkey from our market and I picked it up today. He ordered a 26-pounder. For 8 adults. You do the math-- looks like we will be having leftovers for days (which … [Read more...]

Nordstrom Rack Opening at Warwick Mall!

Nordstrom Rack

Tonight some Rhody Bloggers (pictured: Kristin, Liza & Heather) and myself braved a Nor'easter to go a sneak peek of the new Nordstrom Rack in Warwick, RI. Let me tell you, I would drive in a blizzard to get to a Nordstrom Rack now that I have experienced one. They hosted a party for VIP shoppers and social media types like myself (me being social media, I'm definitely no VIP shopper, … [Read more...]

Cooking with Big Fork Little Fork, 6 weeks later

big fork little fork

A couple of months ago I mentioned a new app by Kraft and celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. I've been using it for six weeks now and it's become a staple for me in the kitchen.  When I can't think of something to make for dinner, I check out the  "cook" section of the app and can choose from a huge variety of meal and snack ideas. In the dinner section, there are ideas ranging from Asian to … [Read more...]

Built a dog named “Bark”


My husband works with a great group of people.  Besides being the ones who essentially set us up six years ago, they have been like family for us- especially Jackson.  For Christmas, they gave Jackson a gift card to Build A Bear.  Since we were snowed in all weekend, I decided we should take a trip to the closest Build A Bear workshop today. Post-holiday clean up can always wait. It slipped my … [Read more...]

I Love Coconut Robot!


Have you ever heard of Coconut Robot? If not, go check her out. Kacia is the most talented designer of baby accessories and clothing.  A few months ago, I saw a blanket she designed for Alena, from Charmingly Chandler, and fell in love. I sent her an email about making a sock monkey blanket for Jackson & she was wonderful to work with. We brainstormed ideas and I sent her a … [Read more...]