Potty Training, Round 2 with Bumbo

It's been two years since I've potty trained a child, but only one year since I was completely finished with the process. It took Jackson a solid year of attempts until at 3-years-old, then one day he decided he was ready and just like that, he was potty trained. Since Sidney has a big brother whom she worships, she has talked about going on the potty for months now so I decided let her sit on … [Read more...]

Ain’t too proud to bribe…


Pardon my English for this title but this subject is totally reminiscent of The Temptations song "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Except in this case I'm not begging for a second chance at love, but for a much less romantic second chance: for a 3-year-old who poops in the toilet again. You see, before we left for Disney, Jackson was doing awesome in potty training. The day before we left Florida, he came … [Read more...]

Potty Training. Gross.

We are in knee deep in potty training and when I say knee deep, I mean KNEE DEEP in poop. Experienced mothers, is there some unwritten code that you don't tell less-experienced mothers how dirty potty training can really get? I don't recall anyone giving me the dirty truth about potty training: there's going to be crap all over your house. Every time I turn around, there's a new … [Read more...]

Potty Training: take 32.


OK, so it's not REALLY "take 32" but it certainly feels like it. There was the time my Mom (aka "Stalin") watched the kids while I was at BlogHer in NYC and had Jackson sitting on the potty every hour and stickers were being put on charts like it was going out of style. Then I came back and felt she had just trained *us* to sit him on the potty all the time and he still didn't realize when he … [Read more...]

The Perils of Potty Training – HELP!


Never has Elmo looked so menacing. Seriously. Elmo's smiling face on a potty is a cruel joke for those in the throws of potty training. We are knee deep in potty training and it isn't pretty. Jackson refuses to poop on the potty and occasionally drops a raisinet in there, making him feel entitled to a matchbox car. "I DID A BROWN ONE!" he will exclaim. I'm to the point of clarifying poop size … [Read more...]

Potty with Elmo


At our 18 month well-baby visit, our fabulous pediatrician, Dr. M, asked us if we had thought about potty training the Binkster yet. I had to laugh, because 3 months ago I was just worried about him getting adequate calories in every day and overcoming the ol’ Failure to Thrive diagnosis. She agreed that his eating habits were more important and to not worry about potty training. I haven’t … [Read more...]