Potty Training, Round 2 with Bumbo

It’s been two years since I’ve potty trained a child, but only one year since I was completely finished with the process. It took Jackson a solid year of attempts until at 3-years-old, then one day he decided he was ready and just like that, he was potty trained.

Since Sidney has a big brother whom she worships, she has talked about going on the potty for months now so I decided let her sit on the potty when she asked.

One challenge I’ve faced potty training her that I didn’t have when Jackson started was an extra sibling who would prefer to go potty in the little potties instead of the toilet like he has been for the past year. This means extra, needless cleaning of another “potty” and really, who has time for that?

I was given the opportunity to review the Bumbo International Toilet Trainer and Step Stool and am so glad I have. Using the Toilet Trainer helps to avoid the mess of cleaning out the potty we used to train Jackson. Put the handy Toilet Trainer on your regular toilet and your child has a nice, secure seat. The only fault I found with the Toilet Trainer wasn’t even its fault: we have an elongated bowl that is taller than a normal seat which meant the fit is slightly less secure than if it was a standard round bowl. It was still steady enough that Sidney can sit up there on her own, I just need to give her a little hoist up from the Step Stool. Jackson even likes sitting on the Toilet Trainer, despite having chosen a pink color for Sidney. We have the pink Step Stool as well, but I didn’t put any pictures of Sidney using her new potty accessories because she likes to potty in the nude and I’m not comfortable with putting that up on here.

We’ve used the Step Stool for many places, not just the bathroom. Sidney likes to carry it around and “help” while I clean the kitchen or to sit on while she plays dolls. The Bumbo Step Stool is sturdy, with a nice rubber grip and is easy to clean.

If you’re in the market for potty training, I definitely recommend you check out the Bumbo Toilet Trainer and Step Stool!

My top 3 favorite things about the Bumbo Toilet Trainer & Step Stool:
  • Less mess to clean when the Trainer is used on a regular toilet (whomever has scraped out one of those little potties knows how valuable this feature is)
  • Sturdy seat for a wobbly tot to sit in while learning how to go potty
  • Both products are easy to clean
You can find out more about Bumbo here:


Ain’t too proud to bribe…


Pardon my English for this title but this subject is totally reminiscent of The Temptations song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Except in this case I’m not begging for a second chance at love, but for a much less romantic second chance: for a 3-year-old who poops in the toilet again. You see, before we left for Disney, Jackson was doing awesome in potty training. The day before we left Florida, he came down with a 102 degree fever and it was all downhill from there. And by downhill I mean pooping in underwear. Pooping in pull-ups. Pooping everywhere but a damn toilet.

After a week of bad potty accidents and a threenager who could not care less he was sitting on a load in his pants, I turned to Twitter for help. Twitter always comes through in parenting emergencies. An old Twitter friend of mine, Chrystal, came through with what worked for her son’s potty training regression: 5 poops in a potty with no accidents he got a fish.

We presented this idea to Jackson and he was PUMPED to get a fish. It took way more clarifying on our end than I anticipated and I’m convinced our son is going to be a lawyer someday with his negotiation skills but we have now gone 2 days without an accident. Oh, we also have a fish now.

My parenting advice for those with threenagers: “WHATEVER WORKS.”

Meet Crabby: