Random Photo Challenge

random photo challenge

My friend Liz over at Learning to Juggle has posted a new photo challenge for this week and I’ve decided to join the fun. This week’s challenge is:

This Week’s Challenge: Go to where you have the most pictures readily available digitally (phone, blog, computer, shutterfly, where ever) and pick your oldest picture (based on the date of the picture) and post it, whatever it is.

I am constantly cleaning out my iPhone and backing up pictures, so this photo isn’t *too* old.


This photo made me smile because it’s from my friend Jen’s family party this summer. You can’t really see it in this picture, but Sidney was booking it to the ice luge under the tent. I love Fall, but this picture is a great reminder of what fun summer is!


Sidney’s Cupcake Birthday Party


My little girl is ONE!

On Sunday afternoon, we had our closest friends & family over to celebrate her big day with a cupcake-themed bash. The weather turned from a rainy, cold morning to bright, sunny and 65 degrees during the party. We lucked out!

The party guests ranged in age from 8 months to 8 years old, so we had a variety of activities set up for all ages. Craft tables for the older kids, mini-cupcake decorating for all ages and a ton of outside toys in the driveway for kids to ride on and push. I picked up a mini-bounce house at Toys R’ Us the day before the party (7’x7′) and was filled with kids during the entire party!

If I was a good blogger, I would have taken detailed pictures of all the activities and put them on Pinterest. I have to be completely real with y’all though and let you know the tables weren’t “Pinterest-craft-blogger beautiful,” though functional. I wish I could say I made the cake and cupcakes too, but I didn’t. I bought them from Wright’s Dairy Farm (North Smithfield, RI) and they were DELICIOUS! Wright’s does a fantastic job and has the best customer service. I first tasted their cake at Jen’s (Keekoin.com) daughter’s party this summer and knew I had to get one for our parties. The cake was a yellow cake with strawberry filling and REAL whipped cream frosting. Amazing.

I’ve known what our birthday party entertainment would be since January when we bought a Rock-a-Baby birthday party at our friend’s fundraiser. We had Rock-a-Baby come to Jackson’s first birthday party and knew that since Sidney LOVES music that they were a must for her first party. The kids had a blast dancing and singing along!

Sidney’s first birthday party will probably be the last birthday we host at our house for some time. It was easier 2 years ago when our friends just had 1 kid, but in the past 2 years our crew has exploded with most families having 2-3 kids a piece. What was 10 kids per party has now transformed to 30 kids! I love our big families but it will be a lot easier letting someone up set up & clean up (which is why I already have Monkey Joe’s booked for Jackson’s party in 6 weeks.)

Yesterday was a perfect reminder of how wonderful our friends and families are. My Mom and Step-dad flew in from Florida for the weekend, so it was nice to have some Florida family at the party. Family and friends are what life is all about and getting together at celebrations is one of my favorite blessings.

I made a quick, 3 minute video for Sidney’s first year if you want to check it out:


Sidney’s outfit: Mud Pie
Sidney’s hair clip: custom cupcake clip by Lily Blooms Creations