Sidney’s Cupcake Birthday Party


My little girl is ONE! On Sunday afternoon, we had our closest friends & family over to celebrate her big day with a cupcake-themed bash. The weather turned from a rainy, cold morning to bright, sunny and 65 degrees during the party. We lucked out! The party guests ranged in age from 8 months to 8 years old, so we had a variety of activities set up for all ages. Craft tables for the … [Read more...]

Letters to Sidney: 11 Months


Dear Sidney, Please accept my apologies for being late on your letter this month (again). You're almost a year old and I'm just now getting the time to write your 11 month letter. Let me start off by letting you know that even at 11.5 months old, you are "little miss thing." Your sass and strength always bring a smile to Dad & me. You're learning how to walk now, but still rely on … [Read more...]

Turd-Apples Happen


My children could not be more opposite. One is thin, the other chunky. One was born a with bald blonde head and the other had a thick, dark mane from day 1. One hates to eat, one could win an eating contest at 9 months old. With no teeth. Now that Sidney is mobile, we can add to the list of opposites: fear. Jackson has always been very cautious (like his father) while Sidney's personality is … [Read more...]

We’ve Got Crabs!

hermit crabs

Introducing Dora in the pink, Charlie wearing the baseball shell and Tebow sporting the alligator (of course)... In a moment of weakness yesterday, I stopped at the hermit crab shack in the mall. I've always avoided it because I have a soft spot in my heart for hermit crabs (story about that later), but today Jackson pointed and said "Mama, look at that crab, it's BOOTI-FUL!!!" I assured him … [Read more...]

Summer Block Party Planning

One tired little dude with an Alligator face at the end of the party!

This time last year, I was 5 months pregnant and we were building our house. Fast forward through moving in during the Fall, having a baby and planning a fundraiser for a dear friend we are now enjoying Summer in New England. I don't believe I have ever written about how much I LOVE our new neighborhood, especially since we live near some great friends (who I originally met on Twitter through a … [Read more...]