Turd-Apples Happen


My children could not be more opposite. One is thin, the other chunky. One was born a with bald blonde head and the other had a thick, dark mane from day 1. One hates to eat, one could win an eating contest at 9 months old. With no teeth. Now that Sidney is mobile, we can add to the list of … [Read more...]

We’ve Got Crabs!

hermit crabs

Introducing Dora in the pink, Charlie wearing the baseball shell and Tebow sporting the alligator (of course)... In a moment of weakness yesterday, I stopped at the hermit crab shack in the mall. I've always avoided it because I have a soft spot in my heart for hermit crabs (story about that … [Read more...]

Summer Block Party Planning

One tired little dude with an Alligator face at the end of the party!

This time last year, I was 5 months pregnant and we were building our house. Fast forward through moving in during the Fall, having a baby and planning a fundraiser for a dear friend we are now enjoying Summer in New England. I don't believe I have ever written about how much I LOVE our new … [Read more...]