Thankful Thursday


My heart is still heavy from last week and I hurt for those families. There will always be a part of America's heart missing, but I realize now more than ever how precious life is so we must be thankful. This week, I am thankful for many things: Being able to hug my children tight (I will never take this for granted again) For my little sister coming up for the week from GA, I've loved … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday


  It's Thursday and I'm Thankful! I'm thankful for the most amazing girlfriends I could ever wish for I'm grateful we all have family that are happy to watch our kids and allow us to get together as often as we do (once a month at least for faux book club) I am lucky that I have health insurance and caught my skin cancer before it became more serious (young people die way too much … [Read more...]

Week in My Life: Wednesday

Adventuroo WIML wednesday

Totally failed as a blogger today and forgot to take any pictures until 1pm. Jackson was sick. I got a much needed mani/pedi. Our driveway got a top-coat of asphalt and I realized the abundance of freshly-fallen leaves while trudging through my front lawn with newly polished toes. Watched my kids play together (also known as Jackson yelling at Sidney for every little move) and then got ready for a … [Read more...]