Life Hurts {My Gaga’s Sunset} – My Messy Beautiful

Life hurts. No matter how many inspirational and uplifting stories you read and surround yourself with, there will always be unavoidable pain. I have always tried to look at the bright side. When God closed one door, He always opened a window to a better place. I've always trusted that there is a reason for everything. Right now though, I'm struggling. I'm struggling to deal with normal Continue Reading

The Differences Between my First and Second Child

Our first child was coddled. He attended"baby gym" at 3 months old and wore cloth diapers (none of which ever saw my daughter's bum, because LAUNDRY). I spent every day working on baby sign language with him and making his organic baby food from scratch. I spent hours every week setting up a photo shoot and documented every little milestone: first smile, first laugh, I have video evidence of them Continue Reading

On Independence and Alzheimer’s

I have always looked up to my "Gaga." My mother's mother moved to Florida from Vermont after meeting my grandfather at a company picnic she attended with her cousin while on vacation.  She bravely moved away from her large family and settled in St. Petersburg, Florida. She continued her career as a registered nurse and started a family with my Grandpa Barney. She had three boys followed by my Continue Reading

Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming a Mother

Next week, I will have been a mother for 4 years. The best 4 years of my life have transformed me in ways I've never imagined, here are a few of the more memorable ways: Sleep. I never appreciated sleep before becoming a mother. I could now bury my head under my pillow and sleep for days if my kids wouldn't rip the covers off me and demand chocolate milk and an iPad. I wish I could time Continue Reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Forever Touch {Giveaway}

Father's Day Gift Ideas (that won't be donated to Goodwill next year)

giveaway hosted by Baby Gators Den Father's Day is only a few weeks away and I've already started racking my brain for gift ideas for my husband. How can I find something special enough for the man who is such a loving father to my two children? I don't want to give some golf balls or something that's going to last a year or two then get tossed into a donate pile during the next basement Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. The weather was perfect for egg-hunting and the food was aplenty for our family brunch. This year was extra special with the joy Jackson & Sidney got out of finding eggs filled with coins or chocolate. Sidney has had her fill of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the year and Jackson has hoarded enough coins to buy him a "monster truck." Here's a few pictures Continue Reading

Thankful Thursday

This week started out rough. It's been one of those weeks where I feel like getting in pajamas, pulling down the shades and getting in bed for the entire day. I used to be able to do that years ago, but now I have 3 people that depend on me. I throw myself out of bed, take a hot shower and try to stay awake using obscene amounts of coffee. Today has been a better day than the previous 2, so I'd Continue Reading

Moms & Help

There is something special about Moms. They know how to make everything better and save the day. Even though my Mom lives in Florida while I am in Rhode Island, she can still manage to fix things when they need a Mom's touch. Like my house. I got so far behind laundry and organizing that I felt like I was drowning (it wasn't hoarder bad, but I'm a Virgo and like things just *so*). I asked my Mom Continue Reading

Thankful Thursday

I'm *slightly* ahead of the game and am writing this week's Thankful Thursday post at 10:30pm on Wednesday night. I would feel really good about not having to scramble in the morning to get my post up if my kids weren't running around the living room like it was 10 am. This is going to hurt in the morning, especially considering Jackson has preschool at 9:30am and we have friends coming over Continue Reading