Sore bums, narrow airways and it’s only Tuesday!

I am exhausted. The past 48 hours have been rough. I noticed Sidney walking funny at the zoo on Sunday afternoon but didn’t think anything of it until i changed her diaper and noticed a sore on her “freckle muffin” (thanks to Blue Man group for that terminology) that bled a little. Fast forward to Monday morning and the poor babe was totally swollen back there and in visible pain. Our pediatrician’s office got us right in (why don’t they offer frequent visitor discounts, we’d be VIP by now) and long story short: my little girlfriend has an abscess that needs constant warm compresses, a topical antibiotic and requires Sidney to take an oral antibiotic twice a day (for 10 days, yikes). My little warrior is very tough but is in so much pain, especially when she has to sit– making car rides nothing short of miserable.

To keep our doctor-visiting-stretch going as long as possible, we went to our regularly scheduled ENT appointment with Dr G for a hearing test and 3 month follow up. We had the hearing test immediately and the results were good news- she has great hearing! Then came the hard part, waiting for an hour to be seen with a toddler in pain who can’t sit on her bottom.

We finally saw Dr G and he was disappointed that Sidney has experienced the same mystery airway narrowing again. We don’t have any answers but are going to explore some different possible reasons for her health issues, including allergies. I’ve decided it is time to let Dr M (Sidney’s regular pediatrician) recommend Sidney to the Hasbro Feeding Team and try to look deeper. I don’t know what it is that causes my kid’s weight to plummet after they wean, but I hate having to deal with a failure to thrive diagnosis twice. Two years later, it still feels like failing as a mother. It’s only 7:30 pm but I’m going to head to bed– it’s been one of those days.

Tomorrow is our follow up appointment with our regular pediatrician for a follow up on the¬†abscess- please pray there is improvement and she don’t need to have it lanced and drained at the hospital, thank you!

Thankful Thursday


Yes, that’s a toilet she is carrying around. It’s been one of those days. Pass the coffee, please!




It’s crazy to me how much I need Thankful Thursday in my life by the time this part of the week rolls around. This post is late because I just got back from a crazy morning, more to come on that later but it looks like Sidney is heading down the Failure to Thrive trail that Jackson blazed down a couple of years ago. That’s ok, I’m still thankful for many things:

  • The fact I managed to keep my kids in one piece after the travel day from hell on Tuesday
  • A caring pediatrician that doesn’t make me feel like a horrible Mom when I can’t manage to keep weight on my kids
  • A family that made a vacation out west extra special
  • We found a loving preschool for Jackson to attend a couple of days per week this Fall, he talks about school every day so I know he will love it!
  • Friends that pick me up when I feel like a failure. Thanks MGRI ladies ;)
  • An AWESOME new phone that I’m reviewing that I can’t wait to tell you more about! It’s the new HTC Windows 8x phone!¬†#HTC8 #Troop8X

How is your week going? Leave a comment or link up below, I love reading your gratitude posts! xoxo

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