Sore bums, narrow airways and it’s only Tuesday!

I am exhausted. The past 48 hours have been rough. I noticed Sidney walking funny at the zoo on Sunday afternoon but didn't think anything of it until i changed her diaper and noticed a sore on her "freckle muffin" (thanks to Blue Man group for that terminology) that bled a little. Fast forward to Monday morning and the poor babe was totally swollen back there and in visible pain. Our … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday


  It's crazy to me how much I need Thankful Thursday in my life by the time this part of the week rolls around. This post is late because I just got back from a crazy morning, more to come on that later but it looks like Sidney is heading down the Failure to Thrive trail that Jackson blazed down a couple of years ago. That's ok, I'm still thankful for many things: The fact I managed to … [Read more...]

“Give Peas a Chance” feeding your picky toddler {book review & giveaway)

Toddlers are fickle little creatures.  One day, pasta is their favorite meal ever  and the next they give you this face when you make their favorite pasta in the world: We have struggled with Jackson's eating issues since he was a baby. We received an official Failure to Thrive diagnosis when he was only 15 months old and  completed treatment at Hasbro Children's … [Read more...]

Voots Veggie-Fruit Tarts {review & giveaway}


I have written a lot on here with my struggle to get Jackson to eat. Since he was diagnosed as failure to thrive, I have always had the challenge of getting him to eat. Not just a square meal or a healthy meal, but anything. Because of this, I always worry about his nutrition. Is he getting the vitamins and minerals he needs to grow? Are carrots enough? I know they're not, so I've always … [Read more...]

Week in My Life: Thursday


Thursday already? Yikes, this week has moved fast & slow all at once. Kids are still sick and now I am feeling under the weather... today's #weekinmylife post is going to be an abbreviated one. With pictures, of course. we felt stir crazy this morning, so we took a stroll around the neighborhood and parked our stroller across the street from an excavator and just watched it dig. and … [Read more...]