My Hero, Jackson

At the RI State House celebrating Jackson's cord blood match

At the RI State House celebrating Jackson's cord blood match

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As a parent, I know there will be many times my heart fills with pride for my children. Last Friday, I was able to experience it when Jackson was honored by the Rhode Island Blood Center for being a hero. Jackson’s donated cord blood was the second match of our state’s program (there have been 8 total).

I’ve written before about how he saved a little girl’s life, but it was an amazing experience to attend a reception honoring Jackson & the 7 other children who saved someone’s life. The highlight of the night for me was hearing a mother speak about how an umbilical cord blood donation saved her daughter’s life.  As we stood listening to her speech, her sister tapped me on the shoulder to thank me for donating my children’s cord blood. It’s hard to keep the tears away when you realize how a simple act can impact another family.

The program has received over 4,000 cord blood donations in the past 3 years since its inception, and Jackson’s cord blood was one of the 8 matched. It’s a bit surreal to me that while picking up Sidney’s cord blood donation box in September,  I read Jackson’s match story on the wall of the Rhode Island Blood Center’s reception area without realizing it was my son.

My hope is that every pregnant woman learns about how easy cord blood donation can be, especially in Rhode Island with the Rhode Island Blood Center’s Cord Blood Program.  You could help save a life!

Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs


Hey guys! Sorry for the unplanned blogging hiatus, but HOLY COW traveling with 2 little ones is draining. I am just now getting my reserves back and am *almost* unpacked.

I’m jumping back into the blogosphere by joining my fav bloghop, Melissa’s Top 5 Laughs.

5. Toddlers. This cute little pirate was a MESS at Sidney’s 5 month appointment on Thursday. Like so out of control our pediatrician wanted to check his ears to make sure he wasn’t sick. He wasn’t… just a toddler. I had to laugh at the insanity of all.


4. Sidney Girl. She went with her Dad & Jackson to Rock A Baby on Wednesday and had a blast, dancing the whole time. This age is the best and she is always making us laugh.

3. We were finally able to go out to celebrate our anniversary dinner and we laughed all night. There’s an awesome restaurant in Providence called Gracies and we were able to have the wine cellar to ourselves for dinner. The last time I went I was 9 months pregnant with Sidney so it was nice to be able to enjoy some wine!

2. faux Book Club. Our once a month meeting of girl time always comes at the best time. After the worst toddler behavior ever this week, I was thrilled to be able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5 days later) with my best girl friends. LOTS of laughs and we may have even talked a little about books (50 Shades, anyone?).

1. Celebrating Jackson’s cord blood match at the State House friday night was amazing. I’ll write a post about it soon, but Jackson was thrilled to be at the “bootiful” State House with all the “flags flying up in the air.” Rhode Island Blood Center hosted a really nice celebration.

How was your week? Link up over at The Mommyhood Chronicles! Have a fantastic weekend, xo.