Toddlers & Breastfeeding


If you're reading this post hoping for something controversial related to breastfeeding toddlers (like this Time Magazine cover) you're in the wrong place, sorry! Jackson weaned himself at around 13 months. At that point, he was only nursing once a day in the morning so it was a gradual process and wasn't a struggle for either of us. When Sidney came along 9 months later, I was curious if he … [Read more...]

Project 10: Making some progress!

At an event last week, feeling much better in a dress!

Before I get started, please accept my apologies for skipping last week. I thought about you guys, I really did. Life got in the way and I spent all week preparing for my In-Law's 40th anniversary party we hosted last weekend. I am feeling much better than my last Project 10 post and am VERY thankful for the ladies in Project 10 for their support, in addition to my trusty iPhone & the "My … [Read more...]

“What to Expect” as a New Mom {Giveaway}


I have a few friends who are pregnant with their first babies (Hi Elena & Jen!) and I am so excited for them. However, at the same time I remember the uncertainty of being a new Mom and all the questions that come with parenthood. During my pregnancy with Jackson and after he was born, I turned to resources such as Twitter, the What To Expect book series/forums  and a local New Moms Group (I … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding in Public Brings out the Idiots


I don’t get worked up very often, but reading the comments on this article on ABC News about mothers who staged a “nurse-in” at Targets across the country made my blood boil. The gist of it is a Target customer was asked to feed her baby in a fitting room when she was breastfeeding out in the open. Target never issued an apology or addressed the issue, so breastfeeding mothers across the … [Read more...]

Rhode Island is First to Say No to Formula Samples


My small state of Rhode Island was all over the news and social media world today. Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with people talking about the news that Rhode Island would be the first state in the country to ban hospitals from giving away formula samples when a mother and baby go home. I never got a bag of formula samples either time I had my kids at Providence’s Women & Infants … [Read more...]