Toddlers & Breastfeeding


If you’re reading this post hoping for something controversial related to breastfeeding toddlers (like this Time Magazine cover) you’re in the wrong place, sorry!

Jackson weaned himself at around 13 months. At that point, he was only nursing once a day in the morning so it was a gradual process and wasn’t a struggle for either of us. When Sidney came along 9 months later, I was curious if he would be interested in nursing again at all. He wasn’t. In fact, he called my boobs “Sidney’s milk” or “Mama’s muscles” and never even gave them a second glance. I’ve heard of toddlers wanting to start breastfeeding again when a baby sibling came along, but it wasn’t the case in our home.


Jackson breastfeeding his baby giraffe.


However, in the past month, Jackson’s interest in breastfeeding has come back. *HE* doesn’t want to breastfeed, but he wants to “feed” his stuffed animals with his “mipples.”  I think it’s really sweet and I’m proud that he knows that is how (many) babies eat, but my dilemma is how do I explain that male nipples can’t feed babies? Keep in mind he is not yet 3 so I don’t want to even venture into “Pregnant Man” territory at this point in parenthood.

He wants to feed his giraffe, the dog, Sidney- what can I say, he’s a generous kid? Do I just let it go? Parents of toddlers, have you ever experienced this? What did you do? I’ve ignored it, but not sure if that’s the best way to deal with it, so thanks in advance for your advice!

Project 10: Making some progress!

At an event last week, feeling much better in a dress!

Before I get started, please accept my apologies for skipping last week. I thought about you guys, I really did. Life got in the way and I spent all week preparing for my In-Law’s 40th anniversary party we hosted last weekend.

I am feeling much better than my last Project 10 post and am VERY thankful for the ladies in Project 10 for their support, in addition to my trusty iPhone & the “My Fitness Pal” app. Seeing exactly how many  calories I was putting into my body was eye-opening and has definitely changed my behavior.

I haven’t lost that much weight, but I can tell I am losing inches. My clothes fit better and a few people have noticed I have lost weight- that’s always a good feeling (especially when it’s your skinny sister-in-law!)

At an event last week, feeling much better in a dress!

Do you use My Fitness Pal to lose weight? I’d love to add some more friends on there. I allow my friends to see my food diary, which definitely forces me to rethink the decision to eat a million Munchkins. Please visit my profile on there and add me if you have the app as well (my user name is RiGatorMom). I also use a FitBit to track my steps throughout the day- are you on there too? Add me! The more friends, the merrier.

As far as my diet goes, I am trying to stay around 1600 calories a day while allowing -300 calories for breastfeeding. If Sidney was still a tiny baby nursing all day I would bump it up to 500, but she is eating solids and not nursing as much as a newborn. I am still using the chocolate Slim Fast shake in the morning, mixed with Fat Free Lactaid milk and will occasionally eat that for lunch as well. I try to stick with real foods as much as possible and force myself to record everything I eat, no matter how embarrassing it is that I just binged on my toddler’s goldfish.

Holding myself accountable is necessary to live a healthier lifestyle.

 So the numbers for week 3 of Project 10 are:
beginning weight: 150.0
end of week 1: 147.6*
-2.4 lbs 

*at one point I was down to 147.0. Meh.

Have you joined Project 10 on your journey to be healthier?
Please link up or leave a comment letting us know how you’re doing!

PS. Happy Independence Day!!! xoxo