Toddlers & Breastfeeding


If you’re reading this post hoping for something controversial related to breastfeeding toddlers (like this Time Magazine cover) you’re in the wrong place, sorry! Jackson weaned himself at around 13 months. At that point, he was only nursing once a day in the morning so it was a gradual process and wasn’t a struggle for…

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Breastfeeding in Public Brings out the Idiots


I don’t get worked up very often, but reading the comments on this article on ABC News about mothers who staged a “nurse-in” at Targets across the country made my blood boil. The gist of it is a Target customer was asked to feed her baby in a fitting room when she was breastfeeding out in the…

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Another chapter closed: breastfeeding


Growing up, my Mom always referred to changes in life as closing a chapter or beginning a new one. Graduation from high school, moving off to college, relocating to New England by myself are all chapters in my book. Two weeks ago, another chapter in my life closed: breastfeeding. The last 13 months have flown…

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