Snuggly Babywearing with Kowalli


One of my favorite things about babywearing is that you're so close to your baby. You can clean the house, go on a hike, shop at Target or go to a football game while enjoying your sweet baby (or toddler). Moms and Dads can get stuff done and the baby is happy, it's a win-win! One dilemma I've always had with babywearing is staying warm during the winter months. We live in New England. It gets … [Read more...]

Newborn Must Haves: the Second Time Around


I don’t claim to know everything about newborn babies or breastfeeding (despite what my Mom believes) but I do know what has worked for me with my two kids. For Me: My #1 favorite item to surviving the newborn phase is my iPhone. I use it while nursing in the middle of the night to tweet my other #zombiemoms friends. I have the White Noise app to help Sidney & I sleep better,.When … [Read more...]

How to fly cross-country with a toddler

traveling toddler

Traveling with a toddler is a true adventure. You never know what is going to happen with your travel plans, nor do you know how your toddler will be feeling. A well-planned travel day can be completely derailed by a molar deciding to surface.We have flown with Jackson over 16 flights in his short 15 months, not including the two to three hour drive times tacked on to the end and/or beginning of … [Read more...]

Flying baby


Jackson and I took another quick trip to Florida this week to take care of some family business. We were lucky that neither flight was full and he had his own seat. Although he rode in the Beco most of the flight, on the landing coming home he sat in his own seat, buckled in like a big boy. He even held my hand when we landed. It is hard to accept he is becoming a little boy and not my little … [Read more...]

Perfect weather for football


So Boston College suffered their 5th consecutive loss today but the weather was absolutely perfect and Jackson enjoyed his third football game at Alumni Stadium. Fall is in the air & Jackson wore his sock monkey beanie from Etsy for the first time. He was such a trooper, we left our house at 9 am and didn't get home until 6 pm. He napped on the road and during the football game. I wore … [Read more...]