SwaddleDesigns Giveaway

TeetheMe was so excited to include SwaddleDesigns products in their June Box, they’ve decided to offer a great giveaway from SwaddleDesigns.

Depending on their child’s age,  TEETHERS received either a swaddling blanket, lovie or burpie. Better still, the designs featured the super-popular Angry Birds, Disney Classic or Disney It’s A Small World!

The lightweight and breathable Cotton Marquisette swaddling blanket was recently featured with Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Dr. Oz Show! Cotton Marquisette is similar to gauze but much softer due to finer threads and with higher thread count making this swaddling blanket a perfect option for warm, summer months.

It’s more than just a Swaddling blanket!

This multi-use and versatile blanket can also be used as a sunshield, a tummy time playmat or as a stylish privacy throw for breastfeeding.

Everyone Loves a Lovie!

With a satin back and border and soft flannel center SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie’s have all the textures that little fingers love to touch.

The Disney Classic lovie will quickly become one of your baby’s favorites!

Baby Burpies make cleaning up both you and baby a little easier.

Keep this stylish and functional everyday essential handy for those on–the-go diaper changes too. The bright and colorful Disney It’s A Small World design will keep baby occupied while you handle the messy stuff!

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  1. Cassandra Eastman says

    The swaddle blanket for privacy while nursing and for naps :) My daughter will love the lovie though, she loves the soft silky blankets!