Sidney Girl is 6 Months Old!

Dear Sidney,

Happy 6 month birthday! Dad & I enjoyed celebrating your sixth month of life on our fifth wedding anniversary– you were the perfect gift! You have grown up so much in the past month. You can sit up on your own, with little assistance, roll both ways like a champ and are sleeping very well.

I’d say you’re between 15 and 16 pounds (we haven’t had a check up yet, but I’ll update when you’re officially weighed) and growing faster than your clothes can keep up. Speaking of clothes, this cute little alligator bubble outfit you’re wearing in some pictures is an 18 month. You fit 9-12 month clothes well and sometimes I try to squeeze you into 6 month clothes, but your belly rolls over and it looks uncomfortable.

I haven’t been very good about giving you solid foods, but since you’re now 6 months old I will take it more seriously. When you do eat solids, you love to gnaw on banana and have some warm brown rice cereal. You also nurse like a champ every 3-4 hours during the day. You take eating very seriously, as do all the women in my family.

You still adore your big brother and I’m happy to report that it is mutual. The first thing Jackson does in the morning is ask “Where is Sidney Girl?” and runs off to check on you and give you hugs. Your hair has almost completely fallen out, except for an auburn mohawk. The hair that is growing in appears to be a shade of strawberry blonde.

You’re hitting all your milestones, even though I’m way more laid back about them than I was as a first-time mother. This time around, I just know you will do things when it’s the right time. As always, thanks for being a wonderful little person to have in our lives– we all love you very much!


All my love,


  1. She couldnt possibly be any more pretty.