Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I started doing this blog hop from Melissa’s “The Mommyhood Chronicles” a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. There is something so good for the soul to look back on your week and remember the funny and cute things you experienced. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in monotony of life and forget to appreciate the beauty of having two small children. So here goes my countdown:


1. My favorite moment of the week was driving to Roger Williams Park Zoo for a quick visit on Thursday morning and glancing back in the rearview mirror to see Jackson & Sidney holding each other’s hand. I seriously thought my heart would EXPLODE! I tried to catch a snapshot at a red light but you can just barely see their hands. I love them so much.


2. Another sweet moment was at the zoo. We went immediately after a rain shower on a cold day so there was no one there. I promised Jackson we would go to the zoo since he has been watching Dumbo Non.Stop. and wanted to see the elephants. He had to take his Dumbo book (of course) into the zoo with us and into the elephant/giraffe shelter. We were the only people there and it was amazing. We saw the elephants get bathed and the giraffes enjoying their hay. Jackson took it upon himself to tell the Zoo Docent all about elephants: “that’s an elephant right there!” and kept asking where Dumbo and the baby elephants were. He even whipped out his Dumbo book and showed the elephants that they were in his book. I love that little boy.


3. I take Sidney’s pictures in the corner of her crib, mainly because it’s easy to wedge her in there and the lighting is pretty decent. When I took her picture Monday, Jackson insisted sitting next to her and getting his picture taken with “Sidney Girl.”

4. Sidney continues to be a food thief. I also learned the hard way that Jackson can no longer snack in the car when I looked back to see her gnawing on a chicken nugget from McDonalds. Don’t judge, my toddler doesn’t eat and one of the only things he will eat is a McDonald’s Happy Meal. He’s very sweet to share with his baby sister, but a chicken nugget is not appropriate cuisine for a 5 month old.

5. Another sweet moment was when my husband brought home flowers for Sidney. He felt so bad that she was inconsolable when I left her with him when I went on a solo Target run the night before. I think she already has her Daddy wrapped around her sweet, pudgy finger.

I hope your week was as good as ours! I’d love to read your Top 5 Laughs as well, link up over at Melissa’s blog :)


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    They are so sweet! I love the hand holding, and the chicken nugget! My S was letting J drink from her sippy the other day. Lol, at least they’re good about sharing, right? Looks like you guys had a fun week :)

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    How cute – the hand holding is so sweet, and you really made me want to load everyone up and go to the zoo! The chicken nugget thing made me flash back though to my paranoia about having all the kids smashed into the backseat together, with a newborn in the middle in a rear-facing seat and the voice in my head constantly screaming WHAT’S GOING ON BACK THERE? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET? :)

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    JD has quickly learned that holding hands with his brother makes me happy. Whenever he gets into trouble, he runs over, grabs O’s hand, and yells, “we holdin hands mommy!” Those boys could get away with murder.
    And your husband bringing Sidney flowers makes my heart melt :)

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    I LOVE your Saturday laughs! And I love the idea that you email your kids these posts, so they could look back and laugh too:) I love that they were holding hands. How stinkin cute! That is so cute with Dumbo- you should be a proud mama of such a smart boy:) Aw- he was trying by giving her the nugget, A+ for effort J! I love this post! Hope you are having a great weekend!