Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

This was a great week, despite my entire house getting sick (besides me), and I’m happy to join Mel from The Mommyhood Chronicle’s blog hop.

Here’s my top 5:

1. I was getting dressed earlier this week when I heard Jackson climb onto the bed and say “Sidney hungry, wanna eat?” while he lifted up his shirt and sat next to her. He proceeded to “hug” and “feed” her with this shirt up. Meanwhile, she looked at him like he was crazy!


2. Monday night some fellow RI bloggers & I went to dinner with Jill from Scary Mommy before her book signing. It was so much fun meeting her and spending time with some really great women! I think I laughed the entire time!

3. This week was faux Book Club week. That time of the month where my 10 best girl friends get together and talk about books drink wine. Except this month we actually talked books, specifically Fifty Shades of Grey.  I think this book might be the first one collectively read in our book club…

4. We have a swingset! The best decision we ever made was to hire someone (Evan from to put this beast together. It took him 9 hours whereas it would have taken Greg & I a summer <and a divorce>. The kids approve and so does the dog. I foresee many hours spent here in our future.

5. The kids and I hosted a play date on Monday and it was a blast. There were 9 kids between 4 Moms and it was really neat to see how our families have grown in the past 2 years. Jackson asked every day this morning if his friends were coming over– he loves hosting his buddies!

What were your Top 5 Laughs for the week? If you have a blog, link up at Melissa’s- otherwise leave a comment and let me know your highlights. I love to read them!

Have a wonderful weekend!! xo


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    No. 1 is just too funny! I remember when my oldest was still just a baby, and my husband was running around without a shirt. She was feeding off of me, playing and patting her feeding place. I told her to look at daddy’s bare chest and pointed at one of his nippers. Her eyes got as big a saucers. She opened her mouth and lunged at daddy’s chest. I never saw my husband get a shirt on quicker!

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    Love your #1 funny! Stopping by to say hi from a local Rhodey blogger :) This is my first blog hop, I’m friends with Melissa! I LOVE your swingset too! We just moved into our house before the fall, so we don’t have one yet. I just may have to hire that company this Spring!

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    Oh my goodness- #5 is HYSTERICAL!!! I would have died. I love that you said S was looking at J like he was crazy. I am reading 50 shades and LOVE IT! So fun meeting last week. That swing set is the digitty bomb!!! Playdates are the absolute best! I love your laughs- you always make me smile so I thank you for that!!