Project 10: Even my iPhone knows I’m struggling


Do you ever feel as though you blink and a week has flown by? It feels like just this morning that I wrote last week’s Project 10 post. I vowed to live a healthier life and here we are, a week later. Want to know how I’ve done? I will give you a clue by showing you a screenshot from my favorite fitness/weight loss iPhone app: My Fitness Pal.


Pretty sad. Even the freaking iPhone app knew I needed some encouragement. I will be completely honest with you, up until YESTERDAY, I was still totally sucking at the healthier lifestyle. Then things turned around and I had an active day, I ate better and resolved to be healthier. I weighed myself this morning and was down to 148.6, which is the lowest I’ve been since before Sidney was born. I’m on the right track.

This week, I plan on replacing breakfast with a SlimFast shake because I recognize that I’m usually rushing out the door with the kids and end up eating something really bad for me from Dunkin Donuts. I also plan on snacking more consistently through the day in order to avoid the late night binge where I go hog-wild on Jackson’s snack drawer and eat all of his Cheez-Its. I am also going to wear my FitBit religiously to encourage myself to be more active.

If you’re reading this Project 10 post, I think you will appreciate this post by my dear friend and BlogHer roommate, Veronica from “Thanks for calling me fat. No. Really. Thank You.” I have this post bookmarked on my browser to re-read whenever I find myself getting carried away with this diet and what it means to me. My favorite part of the post is this:

“I’d rather spend time with my family than two hours a day in the gym like I used to. With the birth of my children I grew into a new person. Each day I try my hardest to present the best possible version of myself to my children. I am not perfect but I am their role model. I will not transfer my insecurities and vanities on to my two wonderful children. I will not berate myself over the physically inconsequential And teach my children to do the same to themselves.”

That is what is important, being my children’s role model. {Getting rid of this muffin top would be nice too though.} Her post reminded me of a funny story from my baby shower with Jackson. One of my Mother in Law’s friends came up to me and asked who I was. Mind you, this was MY BABY SHOWER. I proceeded to tell her and her reply was “Oh, you’ve gained so much weight I didn’t recognize you.” I gained 40 pounds with Jackson and at 8 months pregnant I was certainly bigger than normal but nowhere near unrecognizable. Thanks for the compliment lady. I still chuckle at that because WHO SAYS THAT to a pregnant lady. AT HER OWN baby shower? My Mother in Law was mortified when I told her. Anyways, back to Project 10 results:

So the numbers so far are:
beginning weight: 150.0
end of week 1: 148.6
-1.4 lbs 

How was your week? Please link up if you would like to join Project 10 :)


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    ha. my husband’s gramma asked me two weeks after Duckie was born “so, you gonna lose the weight?” lovely eh? especially as I was feeling pretty darn good about how I was looking TWO WEEKS postpartum!! oh well. She is 5.5wks old now and once I get the “all clear” from my OB I’m going to attempt to start using the Wii and elliptical when I can squeeze in some time around work and spending time with my girls… it’s definitely not my first priority though, that’s for sure :)

    good luck to you lady!!

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      LOL Rusti! You can always count on Grandparents to keep it real :) Congrats on your new baby. Using the Wii is a great idea, I need to fire up the old Wii Fit! Good luck to you too!!

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    I LOVE my Fitbit! But I noticed I’m more active on days that I work simply because I walk to and from the train stations! So, this means that starting next week with the new job I’m going to have to make a real effort to take those 10k steps!! It is going to be a challenge, that is for sure. Congrats on your loss! :)

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    Some people have no filter. I had a co-worker tell me I had “ballooned” when I started shoing with my son! I was like wow, who says that?? I think being a good role model is really important to me as well. My kids see me get my exercise gear on and they know I am going running or to “Zumba hey” (what the 2 yo calls it). I like that they see I am actively engaging in healthy behaviors.

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    Being a good role model has definitely motivated me to try to be more active in our day to day lives. Today Tommy and I went strawberry picking and somehow got onto a conversation about eating well and exercising. He loved that strawberry picking and running around were exercise.

    Congratulations on the weight loss!! I hope slimfast helps you out!! I don’t know if I could do that for breakfast every day!!