Potty Training: take 32.

OK, so it’s not REALLY “take 32″ but it certainly feels like it. There was the time my Mom (aka “Stalin”) watched the kids while I was at BlogHer in NYC and had Jackson sitting on the potty every hour and stickers were being put on charts like it was going out of style. Then I came back and felt she had just trained *us* to sit him on the potty all the time and he still didn’t realize when he needed to go. Back to pull ups he went.

Fast forward 4 months later. On a whim, I purchased an ebook “Oh Crap Potty Training” that I saw an ad for on a blog I read (I don’t even remember which blog). After quickly speed-reading it, I realized I need to quit being lazy and get Jackson in underwear and on the potty. I always had a reason not to potty train: we were moving, we were having a baby, I had a cold, Sidney had a cold, the dog had a cold, you name it. No more excuses, this needed to be done before I had a high schooler in diapers.

Starting yesterday, Jackson has lived in the cutest little pairs of tighty whiteys you have ever seen: Thomas, Diego, Cars- all the character underwear we have picked up at Target over the past year during my half-assed potty training attempts. That’s exactly what they have been too, I’ve never jumped right in “100%” until yesterday.

It’s gone better than I thought it would, to be perfectly honest.  Every single of roll of toilet paper has also been unraveled while he had his “privacy,” but I can handle that. We’ve had some dribbles here and there in the underwear, but he has almost always made it to the potty on time. That is, until we experienced the great underwear destruction of 2012. Jackson was playing alone in his bedroom while I did laundry when I told him it was time to go sit on the potty, which he did. Much to my horror, he pointed out the “big brown one” in his underwear when I went in to check on him. Fortunately it wan’t the super cute Thomas pair and was just plain Diego because there was no saving that pair. What happened next was just like the last time he pulled down the pull ups: Sidney, dog, bare butt on floor, you name it. Yuck.

Here’s my question for you experienced “Moms of potty training”: am I supposed to save the underwear that have *bad* accidents? I thought about scraping the poo off cloth diaper style then washing it, for about a second until I realized this wasn’t just some toddler skid mark. Then I said  HELL NO and threw them away in the diaper genie. I’d love to know if I’m the only one throwing those things away… maybe I should be washing them? Ew- the things a Mom does.


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    Honestly when we were potty training, we throw out a ton of underwear. If it was visibly soiled, I was usually inclined to just throw it away. That being said, it adds up in expense for buying underwear.

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    Our first attempt, she ruined 4 out of 7 pairs in the pack. Like, I didn’t even consider cleaning them, just threw them away. When it came time for our 2nd attempt (the SERIOUS time), I bought her a new pack of 7 pairs and we only lost one. 2 or 3 were marked, but I was able to wash them out with no effort (I don’t do effort). I think it depends on your budget and gross-out factor. My daughter has only been a master for a couple months, if I’m remembering correctly, she was 3 years 9 months thanks to laissez faire, a new baby, etc. ;)

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    I threw away a pretty pair of Dora undies today. The opposite sex can certainly do some damage to cute panties just as easily as Jackson did ;)

    I went on a case by case basis with Mason (but there were only two so if there had been a billion I might have changed my mind) if it was *TMI WARNING* a solid enough poop that I could dump it into the toilet and leave the underwear mostly stain/poop free, I did it and washed… if it was all out smooshed toddler poop in the underwear that needed a fire hose to get it off the underwear? I figured I’d go ahead and save myself the agony and suck up the $1 I paid for those undies and tossed them. The good news is, now that Mason IS totally potty trained, we have an abundance of underwear even after tossing a couple.

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    Girl, I feel for you. I stressed out way too much about potty training my first born. All I can say is: 1) Buy the cheapest underwear possible so you don’t feel bad throwing out the poopy ones. 2) KNOW that they WILL be trained by the time they reach junior high, so it will happen. 3) Some kids don’t respond to stickers or lollipops or M&Ms. They do it in their own way. Maybe it’s OFF the potty and OUTof the house rewards for them. Like a fro yo or donut with mom. Remember, this too shall pass.

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    Thinking about potty training stresses me out. My daughter is 28 months and my way of potty training her right now is to just have her tell me when she needs a diaper change. She still has no clue that she needs to pee or poop on the potty. She’ll just keep sitting on it, (which she likes to do), flush her little Elmo toilet, wash her hands and leave the room. It’s cute, but I’m like ‘Ummm, didn’t you forget to do something?!’ You’re doing great, I swear I think just one day kids get it right? Yours is coming soon, I feel it!

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    The first piece of potty training advice my mom gave me when I started potty training my son was to just throw away the underwear when he poops in it. I have saved a couple that I could just easily dump and throw right in the washing machine, however. Getting him to poop on the potty was honestly the hardest part and it took a lot of catching him in the action and getting him on the toilet to make it happen. Good luck!

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    Potty training can be an exhausting experience for parents and believe me even though my four are now in their forties – I still remember those days. The first one was hardest – but the younger boys just copied their elder brother. My daughter took the longest to convert and kept questioning why she didn’t have the same equipment as her brothers after repeatedly trailing after them to their disgust. But the good news is – We got there in the end.