Phone call from the pediatrician…

My cell phone rang at 8pm last night from a blocked number. I answered thinking it was someone from my husband’s family (all have private numbers) and was caught off guard when it was Dr. M from Hasbro. My heart jumped into my throat for a second. She was calling about the results from his blood tests (3 vials) we took last week and wanted to let me know that his blood work all looked great. There was something different about the celiac test, but I didn’t really understand what she was talking about. I tried to take notes (on my laptop in gmail because there wasn’t a pen near by {of course}) and there were a bunch of acronyms I have never heard of before.

I copied the notes I wrote to myself because I still don’t understand what they mean. Please excuse the typos, I was typing fast!

ppg celiac disease dependent on iga his was a 1

iga low but could still  have celia, borderline low
other number that goes with the ppg that binds with it is also low

I’m still not sure what any of that means, he goes back to Dr M in two weeks. She feels confident that he doesn’t have celiac though. Our sweat test is one week from today (for cystic fibrosis) and I’m hoping that comes back negative and we can figure out why he has no appetite with the “Feeding Team.” I’m still waiting on a call from them after I mailed Jackson’s three day food journal on Monday. I could have saved them a lot of reading by just writing “The kid doesn’t eat anything I give him.” Sigh. I’ll keep y’all posted…

Does anyone have an idea what those numbers/acronyms she was talking about were?


  1. Katie says

    Wow that’s awesome she called you so late! But boo that you have no idea what she was saying.

  2. says

    Hmm. I have absolutely no clue what the numbers and acronyms mean but I’m glad that, overall, it was good news. Phone calls from doctors are always a bit scary! I’ll be praying that you get equally good news after the CF sweat test.

  3. Melanieanderik says

    I am new to your blog. I am so sad to hear your sweet baby is going through this. My husband is a nursing student. He says that IGA is an acronym for imunnity strength and system proteins.

    Celia is a stomach disease (which I know you already know) and the sweat test is to test for the levels of sodium in the sweat. He said one way you can get an idea would be to taste the sweat when you kiss him and if it is salty, cystic fibrosis is a possiblity…..but NOT an absolute sure diagnosis, so I hesitate to tell you this because it will cause you to possibly worry for no reason. But you did want to know what the doctors notes meant, so I am sorry to worry you.

    I hope this helps and I will be praying you have a good report and that somehow these weeks of uncertainty will fly by.


  4. says

    IgA is celiac’s possibility of immunoglobulin deficiency. I can’t find anything that mentions a 1 as a test result, but I did read that 0-20 units is a negative result which means that there is a 71% chance that he does not have celiac disease. If a corresponding test was also low/negative, then that percentage increases.

    Has he ever eaten? How did he do on baby food? Has he been tested for sensitivities to textures which could cause him to avoid certain foods? How’s the enamel on his teeth? Maybe his teeth are sensitive to hot or cold to the point he’s afraid to put anything in his mouth.

    • says

      Hi Erin, he has never been a good eater, unfortunately. Textures are a good point and I’m pretty sure the Feeding Team will review that with us. The teeth sensitivity is a great point, I definitely see a decrease in appetite when I can tell he is teething… I’m going to bring up the teeth thing to the Dr’s, thanks!

  5. Karen says

    I sent you a message on FB with a website to look at. It was actually tTG and IgA that the pediatrician was talking about. you should be able to research that now and get more info. Start with the site I sent you. Love you!

  6. says

    I have no idea but I am sorry for all the stress. I cannot wait for it to be over for you. Praying that they have some sort of simple solution that they just hadn’t thought of yet. In the meantime kiss that sweet pea for me.