Ology from Walgreens, safe doesn’t have to be expensive {Review}


When you become a parent, you start to think of things that never crossed your mind before kids. For example, I never read ingredients of household products before I became a mom. As soon as I became pregnant with my son I became obsessed concerned with what I ate and came in contact with. I would search the aisle of my local drugstore but could never find decent selection of products that were safe and/or affordable.

That’s why I knew I wanted to try the new Ology line from Walgreens when they asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their Ology products. Ology products have been on Walgreens’ shelves since last month and are the first nationally accessible and affordable brand formulated to be free of harmful chemicals.

I stopped by my local Walgreens recently to get a flu shot and was excited (I’m such a geek) to check out all of the Ology line. I picked up some baby shampoo, baby lotion and laundry detergent to try out at home. The kids had their bath tonight using the new shampoo and conditioner and I am impressed, firs off the shampoo smelled yummy with its lavender and chamomile scent. I also love when shampoos can double as body washes, which Ology does (and did well). My kids came out of the tub squeaky clean and I didn’t have to worry about harsh scary chemicals seeping into their sensitive skin. After their bath I used the Ology baby lotion (same scent) and it worked really well with no greasy residue. I even used the lotion on myself and my skin has stayed moisturized, which is hard to do on my dry lizard skin during the winter. Well done, Ology.

I’ve only washed one load of laundry (towels) in the Ology laundry detergent so far. I bought the detergent in the Spring lavender & vanilla scent because I like my laundry to smell clean. This is a nice scent, not too overpowering but fresh for my towels and I can’t wait to use it on the rest of my clothes.

Here are some more reasons I’m a big fan of the Ology line at Walgreens:

  • free of harmful chemicals
  • features 25 environmentally friendly products
  • includes light bulbs and paper products that are 100 percent tree-free and made from readily renewable resources
  • packaging for their baby lotions, body washes, shampoos, liquid cleaners and laundry detergents is produced from 100 percent post-consumer materials
  • endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World

If you’re a parent concerned about the chemicals our families are coming into contact with every day, why don’t you give Ology products a try? It is definitely worth the trip to Walgreens (if you’re not already a Walgreens shopper), I had such a nice experience with their friendly staff and pharmacist– I will definitely continue to be a Walgreens shopper.

You can learn more about Ology at their Facebook page or shop online at Walgreens.com.



*I received a Walgreens gift card to use towards my Ology purchase in hopes of an honest review. As always, my opinions are my own and I am impressed with the Ology brand!


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    I’m curious, do you remember if they had the free & clear laundry soap at your store? I was looking online and it didn’t seem like they had it in stores but was wondering if anyone actually saw it there. I really want to try it!

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    WOW! I’m so excited to give this a try! I love natural products that aren’t chemical laden for use in my home and on my children. I’m out of dishwashing detergent so I plan on running to Walgreens in the morning to see if my store has any of the Ology line. Thanks for sharing!