No Words


Friday’s events in Connecticut, just 2 hours from here, rocked me to my core.

I’m not capable of the words to adequately describe the sadness I feel for the Sandy Hook victims and our entire country. I will say that I believe this is a wake up call for better mental healthcare in this country. Someday, I will write about mental illness and how my family has dealt with it for many generations. Today is not the day.

I’m picking up my sister this afternoon and spending this week with family. I hope you hug your babies tight- I don’t know about you, but I’m scared for our children’s futures.


  1. Laura says

    Better mental health care, better gun control, more security at schools… hopefully there are a lot of “good” things that will come from this horrific tragedy. But for now let’s allow those that just lost their loved ones grieve and process what just happened and honor those who were killed, as opposed to talking about the shooter. Sending many prayers to Newtown and especailly to those directly affected. May God comfort them and bring them some sort of peace.