My Gypsy Vacation

Well, not really a gypsy vacation but I don’t know HOW THOSE GYPSIES CAN LIVE IN CAMPERS?! I’m having a hell of a time keeping my two from constantly waking each other up while we are staying in a loft condo.

Why do I forget so quickly what a challenge it is to travel with small children?

From husbands giving mischievous toddlers full bags of goldfish…who then throw it all over the car and into the hands of the hungry 8 month old who has no business gobbling down pizza goldfish while rear-facing on a narrow mountain road with no turn-offs.

To infants who always manage to wake themselves up by randomly sitting up spontaneously. Which makes her cry, which in turn wakes the cranky toddler sleeping in the loft. Then wait 15 minutes until the cycle starts all over again.

Throw in the open windows due to no AC and the neighbor with a good bass stereo system and we have a memorable weekend! Thank goodness these kids have a mom who takes pictures and blogs about everything, because I know we will look back at these days (and sleepless nights) and smile.