MommyJuice Wines Save the Day {Review & Giveaway}

As a Mom, you just have “those days” sometimes. I had several of “those days” in a row this past weekend when I tried to take away Jackson’s binky. Add that with the kitchen I tried to install for Sidney’s birthday while it was missing 6 vital pieces, I NEEDED some wine. I was fortunate enough that MommyJuice Wines  sent me a couple bottles of their red & white wine to try out, so when I reached into my wine cooler- MommyJuice was my first choice. Jackson has called my glass of red wine “mommy juice” in the past, so there has never been a more apropos name for wine in my life than MommyJuice Wines.


MommyJuice Wines was founded by Cheryl Durzy, a mom of 2 and 10+ year veteran of the wine industry. Her children *also* pointed at wine glasses and claimed “That’s Mommy’s Juice!” Her vision includes affordable, balanced, fruit-forward and FUN wines that bring just a bit of peace after the chaos of everyday life as a parent.

Thank you Cheryl, because after a day of toddlers throwing themselves on the floor for no reason, I have never needed MommyJuice more. On the first night of the play kitchen fiasco, I tried the MommyJuice Red. I loved the red and can imagine pairing it with a steak dinner or soaking in a bubble bath after a long day. To bring you up to speed on the play kitchen fiasco, I started building Sidney’s play kitchen when after getting 20% into the project (with stuff spread everywhere) to realize the company packed double of one part and NONE of the other. Bummer. Fortunately, I opened a bottle of the MommyJuice Red Wine before I started, thinking I would have 2 hours to enjoy it with my hubby.

Instead, we had a couple of glasses and thanks to its awesome screw cap, I was able to put it back into my wine cooler. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the screw cap feature of MommyJuice. It’s fantastic I can now enjoy a glass (or 2) and then put the bottle away for the next few days. I hate wasting an entire bottle of wine for one or 2 glasses.

Since I have to wait for the play kitchen company to send me another replacement part, I was able to enjoy the MommyJuice White Wine tonight. I’m not normally a white wine fan, but I LOVE MommyJuice White Wine and it would be perfectly paired with a caesar salad . It has aromas of pineapples, guavas and bananas- yum! I plan on buying a case of MommyJuice White Wine for my house- it would be fabulous to have on hand for people who prefer whites (and for me after a long, toddler-drama filled day).

I highly recommend you try MommyJuice Wines ASAP. You can order it online for only $10 a bottle (+shipping) or $120 for a case with FREE shipping. Your local store that carries wine may even carry it- just ask and they will probably stock it for you!

One lucky Baby Gators Den reader is going to WIN a $30 gift certificate to MommyJuice Wines!

(which will get you 2 amazing bottles of MommyJuice Wines shipped to your door!)
This giveaway starts on 9/25/2012 and ends on 10/2/2012 at midnight. Good Luck! 


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  1. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I love the labels! They depict exactly what being a mommy (WITH a glass of wine) looks like. : )