Modern Day Baby Books

My Mother-In-Law is in the same league as Martha Stewart. She kept an amazing baby book for my husband, detailing when each tooth came in and what his favorite foods at 6 months of age were. The details are incredible and I’m in awe of her record-keeping. I, on the other hand, am not so good in the baby book department. Jackson’s has a few things stuck in there and little Sidney’s sits completely empty in her closet. I always felt a little inferior to my scrapbooking friends until I realized that I *do* keep track of everything, right on this little blog.

I consider myself a 21st century Mom and with that comes “digital” memories. I started this blog 2 years ago to keep track of Jackson’s milestones and stay in touch with family across the country. Baby Gators Den is the virtual baby book of both kids, in addition to our family’s story. I can use the “search” feature in the right hand sidebar to find out when Jackson chewed his crib, had his first birthday party or when I found out I was pregnant with a little girl.

In addition to having all of their memories on this blog, I have also opened up email accounts for both kids. Obviously they’re “my” email accounts until they’re old enough, but they are one of my favorite ways to preserve memories for them. I’ve subscribed each ¬†child to the blog, so individual post gets delivered directly to their inbox (just in case I ever close this blog down or lose data, etc). The emails are also handy to send pictures and videos right from my iPhone. When I share the latest cute video of the kids with my Mom & Grandparents, I always cc: the kids’ emails. The pictures and videos will be waiting for them in their inbox when they’re old enough to appreciate it, complete with a note from me. For example, I sent the kids this photo in their email with the subject “Valentine’s Day 2012.” I’d like to think that someday they will appreciate it. Maybe their kids and grandkids will too. :)

To summarize, this is what I do for my modern day baby book(s):

  • Each child has their own email account
    • Grandparents & other family members can also share their memories and pictures with these accounts
  • Both kids are subscribed via email to the blog so each post is delivered to their inbox, complete with the pictures
  • I upload all of their videos¬†to my private Vimeo account (I’m so glad I did this when my external harddrive failed)
  • All pictures are uploaded to my private Picasa Web Albums (also backed up to an external HD), I have 7 years of pictures on there and I look at them much more than pulling out physical picture albums

How do you organize your family’s memories? I’d love to hear some new ideas!


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    Love the email idea! I make digital scrapbooks of our family each year, on Shutterfly. I love scrapbooking, but hate the clutter that’s involved (stickers, glue, paper) so doing it digitally is better for me. We have two books for each year (I take a LOT of pictures) and I love looking through them.

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    So today I thought that D and I would make a Valentine’s Day card for her dad, instead it ended up a huge mess on my floor with all my scrapbook supplies. Let me rephrase that, unused scrapbook supplies that I completely stocked up on when I found out I was pregnant. Special papers, photo corner things, embellishments… I’ve probably made like 3 pages worth in D’s scrap book. Her baby book is practically empty. I just have a very good memory and can tell you what day she got her first tooth, hair cut, took her first step etc… but I just “never have time” to write it in the book….yet here I am online….Woe is me!

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    I have made blurb books from blog posts for my son (I need to do one for my daughter). I used to do a monthly post of the new thingst they were doing and saying. I like the personal email idea. That is great! I think I will strat that for the kids!

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    I love the email idea. I have been filling out B’s baby book pretty well, so I’m just going to stick with that for milestones, but the email…really, really love that idea. And love the fact that Grandparents can send emails to him too! I think I may have to set one up for him. I will add that to my mental health day to do list today! ha!

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    Hi Joanna!
    I so so relate to you after reading this particular write-up!
    My hubby loves things done the old way and he kinda loves to maintain picture albums and stuff. I prefer to things your way-though mine is a health related blog and I don’t put up pics of kids and family vacations up there, I save them all up in an external hard drive which, according to me, is a less tedious way of holding on to wonderful memories from the past.

    Being a perfectionist, I am always on the lookout for better-ing myself- something I see in you as well.
    Glad to relate to you!
    I’ll surely visit you often from now on. :)
    All the best for your blogging efforts, and your kids & family as well!!