Letters to Sidney: 9 Months


Dear Sidney Girl,

Two weeks ago you turned 9 months old (I’m sorry for the delay in writing this letter to you late, but at least I am staying consistent!). This has been a big month developmentally: pulling yourself up to standing, eating every food you can get your little hands on, and following your brother everywhere he goes.

I lowered your crib last month to the middle position, but I plan on lowering it to the lowest position as soon as you wake up from your nap because your Dad and I have witnessed you attempting an escape. Something tells me that with your fearlessness, you might just be able to hoist yourself over the edge.

You are sleeping like a BOSS (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself)! I finally figured out that your sleep issues last month were due to being *ahem* backed up. Prunes every day have eliminated that problem and you now sleep soundly from 7/7:30pm to 6/7am. It’s a beautiful thing getting a full night’s sleep, thank you. You have a passion for food second to none. We have to be careful while sitting next to you during meal times because you can steal a french fry in a millisecond. Speaking of eating, you do all of this without a single tooth. No teeth yet and from the looks of it, they aren’t coming for a while. You eat everything we do, just mashed up or cut into tiny pieces (with the exception of honey, sea food, peanut butter, etc). Your absolute favorites are waffles soaked in homemade Maple Syrup from your Brynn cousins in Vermont, prunes, pickles and cheese puffs. You have also discovered this month how to feed the dog while sitting in your high chair. The best part is you don’t really want to share your food, so you tease Rex and then eat it in front of him while laughing.

You had your 9 month well baby visit with the Nurse Practitioner, Colleen, and you weren’t as big as I had thought. Your stats were:

Height: 27″ (31.71%)
Weight: 17 lbs, 10 oz (28.91%)
Head Circumference: 17.75″ (81.07%)
BMI: 17 (65.41%)

You are as perfect as can be! You are sweet, but sassy, and have completed our little family. I can’t wait to see you keep learning about the amazing world in front of you.

All my love,

PS. I’ve updated her first year collage, so check it out!


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    She’s adorable! And might be a peanut like her brother. 😉 My chunk was 24lbs 3oz and 29 inches long at her 9mo visit…

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      Wow, you have a big girl! I think Sidney is thinning out now that she is on the move :) She certainly eats more than her big brother!!