Letters to Sidney: 8 months old

Dear Sidney Girl,

As always, this letter is fashionably late. You turned 8 months old on June 14th, but this letter is coming to you on your Gram’s birthday of June 26th. Eight months might be my favorite age (although I say this every month with you). You’re on the move– army crawling wherever you want to go and even pulling up in your crib. You love getting attention from everyone in the room and are not afraid to fake a coughing spasm to get people to look at you. You have this routine down: act like you’re choking on something, when everyone looks at you with concern then give your goofy, eyes-closed grin, saying “gotcha!”

You’ve grown quite a bit and even your 12 month sleepers are getting snug around your deliciously chubby thighs. You and your big brother are THISCLOSE to wearing the same size clothes. You are both already wearing size 4 diapers, but you’ve now begun wearing 12-18 month clothes while your brother still has pairs of 18 month shorts that fall off his slender hips.

Speaking of growing, your appetite for real food has grown too. Your absolute favorite food is prunes. When you see that purple jar of food you start bouncing in your high chair and licking your lips. Your next favorite food is YoBaby yogurt: blueberry, banana and vanilla flavors. I have to admit that having a baby who loves to eat is a blast. You’re not a fan of baby food purees, so I give you whatever I am eating. That includes pickle spears, which you devour with an¬†unparalleled¬†excitement. You can “strip” a pickle spear in about 10 seconds flat. Your Grandma JoJo says I used to do the same thing.

Besides eating and crawling, you’re also talking more. You look at me and say MAMA when you want something, including nursing when grunt like a piglet until you can get your milk. You nurse about 5 times a day and sleep through the night (as long as you aren’t “backed up”- but the prunes help with that). You’re also obsessed with technology: iPhones, iPads & MacBooks– but I have *NO* idea where you got that from ;). Your words so far are Mama & Dada.

Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl. You have completed our family! Your easy-going nature is such a joy to be around, I can’t wait for more summer days by the pool with you, Dad, & Jackson.

Love you to the moon & back,