Letters to my Daughter: Two Months

Dear Sidney,

I can’t believe you’ve been with us for two months now! It seems like it was yesterday you were born while at the same time it feels like you’ve been with us forever.

You’re a perfect baby who loves to sleep, eats well and doesn’t complain about anything. Some of your favorite things are smiling at Daddy’s songs and at your big brother. The bond between you and your brother warms my heart. Whenever he is upset, he runs to you. He used to run to Daddy or me when upset, but now his first choice to hug is you. I hope that special bond will follow you both throughout your lives.

You’ve completed our family. We’re now a party of four (five including Rex) and we feel whole. I can’t wait to do Mom & Daughter things with you. You’ve been with me twice while I got a manicure and I already feel like you’re my shopping buddy and partner in crime.

I love to dress you in all of your adorable outfits which have been given to us by so many sweet friends and family members. Daddy tells me you’re not a doll, but I disagree. Look at you, you blend right in with your baby doll!

I’m sure some day you will go through a “goth” phase and I’ll be pulling up the pictures of you in all your pink and smiling. Until then, I’m going to cherish these days and hope you stay this sweet forever.

All my love,