Letters to Jackson, 18 months old

You love to ride in the big boy cart at the grocery store, steering both wheels

Dear Jackson,

You are now 18 months old! I can’t believe you are a year and a half old already. You’ve turned into a little boy with a fun personality and you are a joy to be around. Your favorite things are your stuffed dog, Coco, and your basketball hoop. You could spend all day and night shooting hoops, especially with Daddy.

You want to spend all day, everyday, outside. You’ll stand by the door saying “side, side!” Your current favorite activity is to draw. You know that you draw in the kitchen on your Learning Tower so you’ll try to climb in there while pleading “draw, draw?” How can I say no to that?

You’re still enrolled in Rock A Baby music classes with your friends Tysen, Ella and Lola.   Your favorite part of the class is trying to collect everyone’s musical instruments from them and you do a pretty good job! You also go to swim class every week and are really progressing. You even have a spot in their new TV commercial, Dad & I can’t wait to see your TV debut.

Now that it is summer, we will be going to the pool club as much as possible. You adore being around other children, especially being able to look up to the “big kids” (i.e. anyone over 2). We don’t have any travel plans coming up because we’re building a house and in the process of selling our townhouse. Dad & I are so excited for you to have a yard to play in, instead of our townhouse’s front yard which doubles as a street.

The only negative thing I can write about right now is that you do not like to eat. We have no idea why you don’t like to eat, because our family really enjoys food. We’ve taken you to the hospital to meet with specialists in order to figure out why you don’t eat, but so far all we have found is that you’re a healthy little guy with no appetite. I really hope you start eating soon. We’ve already met with the pediatric GI Dr and the Feeding Team, but we see your regular pediatrician on Wednesday for your 18 month check up. I’m hoping for some tricks to get you to want to eat.

I don’t want to end on a negative note, because you don’t deserve that! One great thing that happened this month is that we now know you are going to have a little sister in October. I know you will be the best big brother and she is going to be so lucky to have you. I can’t wait to see how you’ll be with her. As always, thanks for being an absolute light in our lives. Your Dad & I love you so much!


Love always,


You now sleep with a blanket and pillow, such a big boy

How you like to ride in the car, right shoe off


ETA: At Jackson’s 18 month appointment, he weighed 20.6 pounds and was 30 inches. Holding strong to his little growth chart and the 1st percentile. Someone’s gotta be first, right? 😉


  1. Veronica says

    Jackson is such a character. He is going to be an amazing brother. I cannot wait!