I Got Teethed!

Being a new Mom is overwhelming. You’re figuring out how to take care of a tiny, helpless human being on practically no sleep. I know I was a zombie for the first few months of my son’s life and a slightly better version for my daughter’s. There are so many tips and tricks to being a Mom that it is impossible to find them all out on your own. That’s when things like a New Mom’s Groups, the  internet and now TeetheMe.com come in handy.

I’ve been a Mom now for 2.5 years and there are still things I am just now figuring out. For example, did you know onesies are designed to be taken off over the head AND in case of a blow out pulled down over their feet? I’m sure Jackson would have appreciated that as an infant when I was constantly taking poop-covered onesies off over his head when he had a blow out. It only took me 28 months of motherhood to figure that one out…

The founder of TeetheMe.com, Akemi Williams {a fellow University of Florida graduate & Zeta Tau Alpha sister of mine}, has provided Moms & Dads with a solution to many problems of parenting. One problem I face as a Mom of two young children is that I don’t have the time (or let’s be honest here, the capability) to shop with two little ones. TeetheMe.com now provides parents (or grandparents) with a subscription service that sends the hottest baby products directly to your door, once a month. Busy Moms & Dads usually don’t have the time to research the latest in innovative baby gear either, but the savvy Moms of TeetheMe.com do that for you. The first month of TeetheMe deliveries was this month and I got “Teethed” for the first time on Friday.

This cute little box arrived at my door and Sidney couldn’t wait to open it! 

We opened up the box to a beautifully packaged set of goodies that even smelled amazing thanks to the Greenleaf Sachet that was included.

"Whoa Mom! Look at all this awesome stuff!"

I am so impressed by all of the cool baby products included in April’s TeetheMe box. They even included a card that explained what each product was for my little Teether. Here are some excerpts:

Lula Clips: Never disturb your sleeping angel again! Lula clips hold the car seat buckles out of the way while you load your precious cargo. Needless to say, these babies are already installed on Sidney’s car seat & I wish *I* would have invented them! <$14.99>
Le bibble: Le bibble’s multi-functional baby bottle bib offers a chic solution to a messy problem. Sidney is still breast-fed but I pump and leave bottles for her when Greg watches her so this will be a fantastic clothes saver since she is a messy bottle drinker!  <$9.95>
L’oved baby: This ultra-soft, reversible bib with old-fashioned charm will comfortably grow with your darling drooler. Halle Barry loves L’oved baby!   This sweet , soft bib will be perfect for Sidney since her drooling has made it next to impossible to keep her shirts dry! <$10>
Teething Bling: You guys already know I’m a fan of Teething Bling so I was really excited to see a beautiful burgundy pendant because it was a new color for my collection! These pendants are worth almost the price of the TeetheMe subscription alone! <$19.99>
Greenleaf Sachet:  This amazing smelling sachet has 101 uses and #68 is the diaper bin. Our Greenleaf sachet has already found a home in Sidney’s diaper genie and has made her nursery smell much fresher. Now I just need to get one for Jackson’s diaper pail! <$2.50>
exclusive offer: a discount code for sagespoonfuls.com & I was a lucky recipient of a signed copy of Matt Logelin’s new paperbook: Two Kisses for Maddie! <$13.99>

TOTAL VALUE: $71.42 

This is an incredible value considering a monthly TeetheMe subscription is only $24 with free shipping! I received this box for review purposes, but will be signing up for a monthly subscription. I am already looking forward to next month’s box and can’t wait for more friend’s babies to be born because TeetheMe is now my go-to “new baby”/baby shower gift. I love TeetheMe so much that I also bought a 3 month gift subscription for my cousin’s baby, who is Sidney’s age.

Become of a fan of TeetheMe on Facebook to find out the lastest & greatest in parenting and sign up to Get Teethed at TeetheMe.com.

*Save 20% off your first month’s box by entering the code BC2012NEW at check out!*



  1. What a beautiful baby. Love the pictures and thorough review. I was dying to know what would be included in the first box and this is incredible. Cannot wait to get mine. I already have two gift subscriptions in mind.

  2. What a great box of goodies!