Facebook-Free, Day 5 Update

Guess what? Leaving Facebook behind has been easier than I anticipated.  My friend Lindsey gave a great metaphor: “It was like cutting off a third arm… you think you’ll miss it/need it but you function perfectly fine with just 2…” I have two arms and things are going fantastic.

Facebook-free life has freed up so much time. Time I’m embarrassed to admit I had previously spent scrolling through my newsfeed and liking pictures/comments/shares/sad puppies, etc. I was able to plan and book an entire trip to Disney in one morning, something I could have never been able to do before my Facebook detox.

When I quit Facebook, I simply deactivated my account. No dramatic goodbye post or update, I simply chopped off the third arm. The texts started rolling in asking if I was ok. Concerned friends knew how much Facebook was a part of my life and were worried I was getting ready to jump off a bridge. For those friends I am forever grateful. Grateful they know me so well and care enough to reach out and say “Are you sure you’re ok?”

I am ok, actually, I feel like the weight of the Facebook world has been lifted off my shoulders. I realize that some people can pop into Facebook for 10 minutes at night without a care in the world. To me, it’s the same as someone being able to enjoy a glass of wine with friends versus the alcoholic at home guzzling down a bottle of vodka by themselves. I’m a Facebook-holic. I can’t have just a sip so that’s why I know it’s time for me to go to self-imposed Facebook rehab. I know it’s totally ridiculous. I know. I also know that life is too short to keep things around that do anything but lift you up.

Maybe at the end of my hiatus I’ll come back to Facebook in a different way. Maybe it will be just my family I am friends with: they’re the ones I miss the most. It gets lonely living 1200 miles away from family and Facebook was good at bringing people closer together. For the folks I am lucky enough to live close to, I’ve enjoyed our phone calls, texts and emails. The more “old-fashioned” methods of communication. I’m still on instagram & twitter because I can use those in moderation without letting my OCD take over and it’s nice to take a peek into my friend’s lives without Facebook.  I’d love to see you over there!

Have you ever done a digital detox? How did it help your life?

PS. My blog Facebook page is still active & I have set up my blog to automatically share  new posts over there since some people have told me that’s how they keep up :)


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      Hmm, I think I have it fixed for next time! Facebook does only show a tiny portion of the page’s fans the actual links though (trying to make more money of course)! One way to guarantee you get the latest is to subscribe via email :)

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    Yay! I’m glad it hasn’t been that hard. I hope to do the same after baby gets here bc that time should be all about family and not online (plus Im tired of 90% of what I see on FB). Only one thing holding me back and that’s something I’ll share at another time. Xoxo

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    I did a FB detox three years ago in January and stayed off of it for about 5 months. It was amazing and I felt free! I hope to do it again, because I too am an addict!