Every Woman Needs a {faux} Book Club

About two years ago I realized my friends & I needed a night out every month. Our husbands had golf leagues and poker nights, so it was time for us to have a “Mom’s Night Out.” Book club was the first thing that came to my mind, however, *most* new Moms don’t have spare time read (at least recreationally).

That is when faux Book Club was formed. It started out as a few other Moms from my New Moms group, who then invited a couple of their friends and we eventually added some other Moms we picked up at the pool club. We are now 10 women (not all are Moms) strong and I look forward to our monthly meetings. We rotate houses and everyone brings a dish or a cocktail.

We’ve never read any books, but we have read many wine labels. We have themed nights, such as an accessory swap or a holiday party. Some of us have newborns, so the infants hang out together while we share the latest crazy stories from the past month. Occasionally child care is unavailable for a Mom, so a toddler will come and crash in a borrowed pack and play. My favorite night has been at our friend “KW’s” house. The night was filled with awesome food, wine, and then topped off with chatting in the hot tub, underneath the stars on a cold winter night. It doesn’t get much better than that.

These women are some of my best friends. When someone needs help, these girls are the first to hop in their car to save the day. Someone sick? They are coordinating meal drop offs. Someone had a new baby? They’re visiting you in this hospital. We’ve had overnight trips to Boston, brunches at Chocolate Bars, weekend trips to a Lake House and a spa day is on the agenda for this fall.

I’ve learned a lot from my faux Book Club ladies. If you don’t have a faux Book Club in your life, now’s the time- what are you waiting for?


Even Sidney likes to go to faux Book Club!

PS. Husbands don’t even *need* to know that it’s a “faux” Book Club, we’ve had some ladies who carry a book out of their house as they leave their husband to babysit… we won’t tell ;)


  1. Pamela Ward Peek says

    Great idea! I do read a lot so it could work for me too! Also wine bottle labels can be very informative! Here’s an idea, save your bottle labels, make a cool scrapbook that one day you can show your married bored with life daughters!
    BTW I don’t think my guy even knows what faux means, lol.
    Yall drink one for me next time, I suggest Barefoot Chardonnay!

    • says

      Pamela, love the idea of saving the wine labels, lol. Hopefully Sidney won’t ever be bored with life, I know I’m not! :)

  2. says

    My mom has had a fuax book club for decades. I still don’t think my dad has any clue. haha
    I belong to a Moms Club that has monthly Moms’ Night Outs- I sooo look forward to them!