Edaville Railroad

Today was supposed to be a fun day at Edaville Railroad with our good friends Beth & Matt, Johnna & her daughter, Neola, and Jackson & me. Beth organized the whole thing and even sent out an official evite. Edaville is a New England tradition this time of year but coming from Florida, I had never heard of it before. Greg had plans to go to the Patriots game tonight so I knew Jackson & I would be on our own.


The car was all packed and Jackson was pumped to see the “choo choo trains,” when we got the unfortunate text that Beth’s daughter was sick. Johnna & I decided to brave the cold with the babes & see what the Edaville fuss was all about.  She is originally from the South as well, so this was her first time as well.  The babies were bundled in their BundleMe’s & hats so we were well-prepared for the cold weather & eventual snow.


Cold weather babies!


There were really nice light displays & Jackson loved looking out the steam train window to see all of the lights. Greg & I have been meaning to take him on a drive to check out the Christmas lights & now I know he will love seeing them! After walking around & going for a train ride, we decided to check out the indoor children’s play area.  It was an instant hit with both of our kids.



Jackson was elated to play on a real train table, while Neola preferred to swim in the ball pit with the big kids. Edaville was a fun place to spend an afternoon & although I was worried the kids would be too little to enjoy the place; they had a great time! I’ve heard rumors this may be Edaville’s last year, but I hope that isn’t true because if today was any indication, Jackson is going to want to spend a lot more time around trains in the future.  If you live in the area, make sure to check their web site for any coupons- we saved a couple bucks on our admission today.



  1. Beth says

    Aww! I am so glad you guys had a great time! Edaville really is one of my best childhood memories. I was so sad that Charlotte was sick and we weren't able to join you. We will probably go over the holiday break just in case this really is the last year, I don't want Charlotte to miss out.

  2. jen says

    looks like so much fun! i've always wanted to go, but now they're closing after this season and i'm afraid i won't make it there. hopefully someone buys it and reopens as is. i'd love to go someday!