Three year old dancer, through the years

If you’re looking for something to make you smile, check out this dude’s dance moves. He wants to have a dance party every. single. day. His favorite song is this one from Madagascar, enjoy:


Or this time when he was only 10 months old, shaking his booty:

Or when he break danced to Like a G6 at around the same age:

And performing while playing Rock Band at a little over 2 years old:


  1. Too much cuteness for one page! He looks like he’s the life of the party!

  2. omg that was too dang adorable!!!! Love it!!!!! he’s got moves ;-)

  3. He has some awesome moves!! Love hearing Greg in the background of the booty shaking video, so funny!! ;) Ava watched them with me & said….”Awww…thats my friend Jackson, hes a really good dancer!”

  4. Jackson has some SERIOUS moves!!! I am super impressed!! That last one kills me. omg. SO awesome.

  5. Hilarious!! He’s so animated!!

  6. OMG, he is a riot! I love his moves!

  7. Look at him!! so little and so lively! can’t stop smiling