Cooking with Big Fork Little Fork, 6 weeks later

A couple of months ago I mentioned a new app by Kraft and celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. I’ve been using it for six weeks now and it’s become a staple for me in the kitchen.  When I can’t think of something to make for dinner, I check out the  “cook” section of the app and can choose from a huge variety of meal and snack ideas. In the dinner section, there are ideas ranging from Asian to Healthy Living and even Meatless Meals. When you choose a meal that you’d like to make, it shows you what the nutritional information, ingredients you’ll need, how to make it  and even what it should look like in the end (which is always a big help to me!)

I’ve used the snacking portion of the app quite a bit to come up with new ideas for Jackson’s snack times. I spend the majority of my day trying to get Jackson to eat, so this app is very helpful in keeping things interesting,  There is even a “picky eater” section which I have used to get Jackson to eat better balanced meals.

I love this app and how it makes my life in the kitchen easier.  Not to mention, the geek part of me loves the beautiful design of the app.  If you have an iPad and spend even the tiniest amount of time in your kitchen, you need this app! You can get it from the App store here. Let me know what you think!