Using the MyWODs App to Track your CrossFit Workouts

My WODs App

When I started CrossFit 10 months ago, one of the first things the coaches told us to do was track our workouts. They didn’t care if it was in a plain spiral-bound notebook or one of the fancier WODbooks they sell, the important thing was writing down the weights and time to track your progress….

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Going Hands Free with the Bust Cubby

Bust Cubby

Who likes to listen to music when they work out? I know it is a must for me because it keeps me focused and simultaneously distracted enough to complete the task at hand. I have separate playlists for different activities: running outside, running on a treadmill and skiing. Fortunately our Crossfit coaches have the perfect…

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Why I Quit Facebook

I’ve been addicted to Facebook since I first received an invite at my college email address. Since 2005, I’ve been checking a website for updates on my family and friends. Instead of sending an email or actually picking up a phone or stopping by someone’s home, I clicked “like” on their new baby’s picture….

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Snugg iPad Mini Case Review

I have a case problem. Seriously. I have about 3-5 cases for every piece of technology I own. I’m like the Goldilocks of technology protection and it drives my husband crazy. However, I might have found the *perfect* case for my iPad mini: the┬áSnugg iPad mini Leather Case. I have used it for 3 months…

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Hayden Reis: the Perfect Bag for Every Mom

For 4 years now I have searched for the perfect mom bag. I’ve tried expensive diaper bags, huge purses, canvas totes and any other bag that could carry all the things a mom needs to tote around every day. I was the Goldilocks of bags and never found one to carry it all comfortably, until…

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