Using the MyWODs App to Track your CrossFit Workouts

My WODs App

When I started CrossFit 10 months ago, one of the first things the coaches told us to do was track our workouts. They didn't care if it was in a plain spiral-bound notebook or one of the fancier WODbooks they sell, the important thing was writing down the weights and time to track your progress. I ended up buying a WODbook sports journal because it was tailored to CrossFit and had some really … [Read more...]

Going Hands Free with the Bust Cubby

Bust Cubby

Who likes to listen to music when they work out? I know it is a must for me because it keeps me focused and simultaneously distracted enough to complete the task at hand. I have separate playlists for different activities: running outside, running on a treadmill and skiing. Fortunately our Crossfit coaches have the perfect mixes for our workouts and loud speakers so the need for headphones is null … [Read more...]

Staying Fit with the Polar Loop vs. the FitBit Flex

I love technology. Since my first computer at 4 years old, I have always enjoyed trying out the latest and greatest in technology. I am grateful that technological advancements have made huge strides in everything from baby monitors to fitness tools. I used a FitBit to shed the last few baby pounds back in 2012 and loved seeing how many steps I was taking (or not taking). Being held accountable … [Read more...]

Why I Quit Facebook

I've been addicted to Facebook since I first received an invite at my college email address. Since 2005, I've been checking a website for updates on my family and friends. Instead of sending an email or actually picking up a phone or stopping by someone's home, I clicked "like" on their new baby's picture. I "liked" pictures of weddings and vacation and perfectly executed Pinterest … [Read more...]

Keeping it Simple with “Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt”

I have been eying home automation systems for as long as they have been available. When they first came onto the market, they were priced way out of my price-range but fortunately they have become much more affordable in recent years. When we built our house, we put a keypad on the garage door so we could come in and out easily without a key or garage door opener. The only downfall is that our … [Read more...]