5 Ways a Puppy is Like a Newborn

The snuggles. It’s been a long time since my kids would simply fall asleep on my chest and stay there. Having a puppy is a good reminder of baby snuggles. The potty training. Well, this is different in a baby since they wear diapers but still, tons of potty breaks! Instead of changing size 1…

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Happy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. The weather was perfect for egg-hunting and the food was aplenty for our family brunch. This year was extra special with the joy Jackson & Sidney got out of finding eggs filled with coins or chocolate. Sidney has had her fill of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the…

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We’ve Got Crabs!

hermit crabs

Introducing Dora in the pink, Charlie wearing the baseball shell and Tebow sporting the alligator (of course)… In a moment of weakness yesterday, I stopped at the hermit crab shack in the mall. I’ve always avoided it because I have a soft spot in my heart for hermit crabs (story about that later), but today…

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A boy’s best friend & first steps!


What started out as a fair to poor day has turned into a great one! It’s hard to feel bad about the little things in life when you have a little boy giggling his heart out while playing with the family dog. Not only did he have quality play time with his pup, he also…

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Wordless Wednesday: Lambchop’s Reliquary


Ok, I lied, there will be a few words. For my 30th birthday, my wonderful husband had a custom reliquary made portraying my beautiful Lambchop, you can read more about this special dog here. Erin at Commemorative Jewelry designed this piece and was amazing to work with!

My best friend, Lambchop.


My dog, Lambchop, was my sidekick for over 13.5 years.  She was by my side during prom: Next to me when I graduated high school and went with me to the University of Florida: She was towed behind me when I went on bike rides with my husband: (I loved the looks on people’s faces…

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