5 Ways a Puppy is Like a Newborn

The snuggles. It’s been a long time since my kids would simply fall asleep on my chest and stay there. Having a puppy is a good reminder of baby snuggles.

The potty training. Well, this is different in a baby since they wear diapers but still, tons of potty breaks! Instead of changing size 1 diapers though I’m taking her outside and ringing a bell on the way out (she’s already started ringing the bell herself when she has to go– smart Jack Russell!)

Eating all the time. This is much easier in the puppy version since I just have to fill up her bowl with puppy food and keep our older dog Rex from chowing it down. Since she is still only 13 weeks old, we don’t let her have free reign over a full food bowl like her older brother, but she eats 3-4 meals a day.

Everyone loves a puppy. Try taking a puppy out in public without everyone’s heart melting and wanting to fawn over the pup. It’s the same for newborn babies. The same theory does not work with toddlers though, everyone steers clear of you when you have a 2 and 4-year-old (trust me on this one).

A fresh start. There’s something about a brand new baby that is refreshing and makes you feel like he or she could do anything they want in life. Same goes for a puppy, but instead of being president, maybe this puppy can do agility classes or something. No bad habits (yet) to break and a clean slate.

We love having a new puppy in our life but I do have to admit she is easier than a newborn baby. After all, ¬†you can’t leave a baby in a crate when you need to go run a few errands…

Meet Miss Elsa, our little curveball.

When you’re least expecting it, life throws you curveballs. Some are terrifying and some are thrilling. Fortunately, our family’s most recent curveball was of the latter variety.

On Monday, my husband’s cousin (who is a veterinarian about 30 minutes from our house) posted on my Facebook wall about a puppy she met that needed a new home. A cute 11-week-old Jack Russell Terrier (same breed as my beloved Lambchop) whose owner was allergic to her and needed to find her a new home.

Let me back up here a bit and say that we’ve been talking about getting a new dog for close to a year now. We’ve just never gone beyond looking at some adoption websites, the time was never right. Fortunately, the perfect puppy fell into our family’s lap when we were least expecting it.

Our cousin told us about the puppy but when she mentioned that the owner didn’t want to give her away and wanted to recoup some costs, I lost interest. There’s no way my husband would go for paying for a puppy at this point.

I didn’t really think about it until the next morning when our cousin texted us the owner’s info (with her permission) and address. Which happened to be a stone’s throw from our house. Too weird to be a coincidence, so I felt compelled to meet this little puppy.

The owner and I chatted and she proceeded to text me some pictures of the puppy, whom she was calling Penny. She was devastated to have to find her a nome home, but couldn’t live with the terrible allergies. When I got the first picture and realized she was practically a twin of my beloved Lamby, I had to meet her.

Lambchop on the left, Elsa on the right.

Lambchop on the left, Elsa on the right.

Long story short, we fell in love with this sweet pup and she has fit into our family like a puzzle piece we didn’t even know was missing. She’s a sweetheart whom we have named Elsa. Rex has a spring in his step that I haven’t seen in many years. Having a puppy makes everyone feel young again and I believe this little curveball was heaven-sent from Lambchop herself.