FlipBelt Review & Discount Code

I always have a hard time figuring out what to do with my phone when I want to run. For me, music is a must-have while doing any sort of outdoor activity, but I can’t stand wearing my phone on my arm in a holder so I usually end up holding it in a hand. Running and holding a phone never ends up well, so you can guess how many times my phone has skidded across the pavement.


Recently, as part of a SweatPink Ambassador program I was able to try out a FlipBelt. What is a FlipBelt? FlipBelt is basically a single, tubular waistband designed to snugly carry all of your necessities without any bouncing or bulkiness. It has multiple openings to stick your keys, phones, cards or cash in, then you simply flip the belt over to lock in the items. There are no buckles or zippers to cause any chafing for those who have more sensitive skin. The fabric is a quick-drying, machine washable and dryable fabric that has just enough stretch to fit a decent size phone (they say the only one that may not fit is the Note 2).

This is one of those neat things I wish I would have invented. It makes SO much sense and is executed perfectly. FlipBelt comes in a variety of colors and sizes so that you get a perfect fit and make sure that FlipBelt works how it’s designed to. You want it to fit snugly around your waist and to not bounce, so accurately measuring your waist is important. I have a 29″ waist, so I ordered the medium in a hot pink and love the fit.

Some of the ways I plan on wearing my FlipBelt are:

  • Running
  • Walking the dog (poop bags fit in the FlipBelt too)
  • Hiking
  • Bike rides

Have you thought about the ways you would use your FlipBelt? You can order your own FlipBelt here and save 10% off by using the code “sweat33.”

Tweet: Run, play, explore with #FlipBelt! Use the code sweat33 for 10% OFF your entire purchase! http://ctt.ec/9fPaF+ @flipbelt @fitapproach

Ready for a challenge? Join me for the Whole Life Challenge.


This has been one of the best summers in my life. I’ve spent days watching my kids make lasting memories at camp and many hours poolside as they learn how to swim. However, one thing that has suffered this summer though is my fitness and health goals. Less time at the moms group in CrossFit and more time at the pool snack bar this summer means I need to get back on track.


Last August, I participated in the No Risk challenge and was amazed at how much better I felt by eating real foods, getting enough sleep and meditating. I tried to implement what I learned in the challenge since then, but as time passed, so has my willpower and drive to keep up with those goals.
The Whole Life Challenge is exactly what I need to jump start my healthy way of living again. What better way than an online game to play with friends and earn points by living a healthy and balanced life? Everything is better with friends and I can’t wait to do another challenge with friends and family.

Imagine how much better your life can be in just 56 days!


I know how 30 days last year changed my life so I’m so excited to see what 56 will do. My husband is joining me for this game and we can’t wait to do the challenge with friends. Want to see a better version of yourself this Fall? Join our team here (No Risk All Reward). Anyone is free to join our team and the more, the merrier. Registration is $49, which is less than a dollar a day to hold you accountable. We are all in this together so why not cheer each other on along the way?


Still not sure what it is? Check out this video for more details: