Taking a Break…

I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now. Five years of documenting my babies, their births and pregnancies, my journey to lose the baby weight and my discovery of CrossFit.

Now that my son is almost 5 and my daughter is 3, I don’t feel comfortable telling their story on here anymore. It’s their story to tell and maybe some day they will want to start their own blog, but for now, I’m not going to be sharing their personal stories.

Many of you have been here since my son was a newborn and we leaned on each other for advice about everything parenting-related and for that, I am SO grateful! My blogging friends were invaluable to keeping as much sanity *as possible* while starting my motherhood journey.

I feel as though I’m starting a new chapter in motherhood. One where my kids are in preschool and I have a tiny bit more time to “myself” during the day. I know it’s time to take a break from blogging when the last thing I want to do when I get some free time is sit in front of a laptop and write about myself or my family. I’ll write about my fitness adventures when I feel like it, but I don’t see it being that often right now. Who knows, maybe the writer’s block will miraculously go away next week…

So this is goodbye for a little bit. I’ll pop in here and there while I’m figuring out how to navigate this new chapter and I’ll leave the site online since I’ve had readers tell me they like to go back and read about my struggles with breastfeeding or kids who don’t eat. If this blog can help one mom struggling with a Failure to Thrive diagnosis or the like, it will be worth the hosting fees I pay..

My friend and I are starting a new venture that I’ll share with you pretty soon. I think my local Rhode Island female/mom friends will be excited :) Until then, take care of yourself and keep in touch on Twitter & Instagram!

Whole Life Challenge Update: Week 1

Our team is on day 7 of the Whole Life Challenge and I’m feeling so much better than day 1.

I had really let myself slip over the summer. Instead of passing up food that I know makes me feel awful, I was eating it and I suffered. Not only were my jeans getting tighter but my mood was worse and I was always tired. Seven days into this challenge and I’m feeling like myself again and my muffin top is already gone (bonus).

Eating right affects everything in your life and the Whole Life Challenge is reminding me how nice it is to feel like the best version of yourself. There are also fun lifestyle challenges and the first week’s challenge is to avoid technology at meal time. I’m embarrassed to admit this is the hardest for me. I like to eat my breakfast and read the news on my iPad in the morning so not being able to cradle my iPhone in one hand during a meal has been a big eye-opener. I need to step away from the technology more (quitting Facebook a few weeks ago has been helpful).

My birthday was last week, so I indulged and ate cheesecake after dinner but honestly, it wasn’t worth it. When I eat junk like that, I feel sluggish for way longer than it’s worth and having to log in daily and record my points is a good reminder that the junk food is just not worth it.

Here’s my daily play log for week 1. It’s obvious I’m not in this game to win it, I just want to lean up a bit and feel better. So far, so good!

Besides becoming more conscious in my diet and lifestyle choices, I’ve read more about diet choices and the impact on your health down the road, specifically Alzheimer’s Disease.  My grandmother suffers from this horrible disease and I’d like to do anything to avoid it.

Are you playing in the Whole Life Challenge? How is it going? 

If you’re blogging about it too, please share your links below!