Being a toddler is rough business

Today was a day full of highs & lows for my sweet toddler. It started with having parents who say “no” to throwing food on the floor:

and then sitting on his chair to take a picture for his Uncle Dana in his Patriots gear,

only to slide off that chair in his slick track suit to get a bump on his head*:

and then he and his best friend Tysen collided…


I know toddlers get lots of bumps & bruises, but my little man had a rough day today.  I knew he was ready to go to bed when he crawled out of his room with his toothbrush!

*Greg was right next to him and we tried to catch him in time, but weren’t able to prevent the bump on the head :(


  1. Katie says

    okay when you said slide earlier I was picturing something totally different! I see what you mean now :( not lol. Poor poor Jackson!