Babies love to rock!

Well, at least Jackson loves to rock. When I was pregnant with him, I could always feel him “dancing” in-utero when I played Coldplay or Kings of Leon and I knew I could always count on Kings of Leon to calm him down when he was upset as a newborn.  Music has always played a big part of Jackson’s short 12 months.

We’ve taken classes since he was 4 months old and his favorite part of Baby Gym, Tot Gym & Book Babies was always the singing part. We took another music class and Jackson enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favorite class. The main reason was I didn’t really know the songs and they weren’t something I could sing along with or sing with Jackson at home. The instructor was a sweetheart, but I wanted to find another music class for Jackson that I might enjoy a little more.

I was really excited when I heard that Rock-a-Baby was coming to Rhode Island. You may remember me mentioning them in Jackson’s birthday party recap, since they were the entertainment for his big day.  My friends, Cari, Becca, & I decided to enroll in their first session, held at the JCC in Providence. That session is sadly ending on Thursday, but we have never been disappointed with this class. It is by far the best class, music or otherwise, I have ever experienced with Jackson. All 3 of us (6 including the toddlers) have already signed up for the next session starting in January! Rock-a-Baby uses three puppets, Rhythm, Harmony & Melody, to teach kids all about music and every week there is a different “theme of the week.” They sing hip songs “from Bach to Hip-Hop” and have really funny banter that Moms and Dads can enjoy.

If you live in Rhode Island, you have to check out Rock-a-Baby, I promise you won’t be disappointed. They have two locations: Providence at the JCC and Warwick at Bellani Maternity; enrollment is open now for the January session. You can email Stephanie at [email protected] for more information- she’s awesome! I’m including a short video from Jackson’s birthday party. You’ll have to excuse the chaos of 10 kids at a first birthday party and the video’s shakiness- my father-in-law kindly took this video for us.  I just wanted you all to check out Jackson jamming to them, he LOVES the Rock-a-Baby band!

One of Jackson’s favorite birthday presents was his very own piano! Here’s a short video of his first day playing piano. I think he is hoping to give Harmony a run for his money in Rock-a-Baby someday 😉

*I wasn’t asked to review Rock-a-Baby nor was I compensated in any way; Jackson & I just really enjoy this class and want other Rhode Island babies to experience Rock-a-Baby too!


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    Every Saturday night while I was pregnant with my daughter (and still to this day), we invited friends over to play Rock Band on the PlayStation. This means that my now nearly 2 year old has a fantastic sense of rhythm, and falls asleep to loud music. Guests used to ask, "Won't the drums wake the baby?" I'd just stand next to the drums with her and bounce and she'd be asleep in about 5 minutes.

    I wish there was a Rock A Baby here.
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